Cookery corner: Honey Pot's home-made fish pâté

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Our home-made fish pâté is one of the children’s favourite tea-time treats and is generally very popular with all age groups. We serve it on wholemeal crispbreads with tomatoes and cucumber, says Honey Pot Day Nurseries



✓ 115g (4oz) smoked mackerel or trout

✓ 2 tbsp natural yoghurt spread

✓ 2 tbsp cream cheese

✓ Seedless cucumber

✓ Pinch of paprika

✓ Salad to garnish

✓ Wholemeal crispbread


✓ Place mackerel/trout, natural yoghurt and cream cheese into a processor and blend for approximately ten seconds.

✓ Take the mixture out and place in a bowl. Add a pinch of paprika and grate the cucumber into the mixture until you achieve the desired texture.

✓ Spread onto wholemeal crispbreads and serve with a salad as a garnish.

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