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Legislation and regulation of the nursery, childcare & early years education sector, including Nursery World's tracker of current consultations and legislation in progress as well as policy guides to the most important laws affecting the sector.

Childcare Legislation News


Bucks children's centre campaigners await High Court decision on closures

A legal challenge against Buckinghamshire County Council’s decision to shut more than half of its children’s centres at the High Court in London came to a close yesterday.


T-level funding 'better' than for EYE courses

The Government will spend more than £10,000 on each childcare T- level in a bid to boost the numbers taking this new Level 3 programme.


Private and voluntary nurseries 'must buy' music licences

Music licensing bodies PPL and PRS for Music have confirmed that private and voluntary nurseries are not considered ‘educational establishments’ in the way that maintained nursery schools and schools are, so they must pay for a licence to play recorded music.


Labour will scrap Reception baseline and SATs

The baseline test at age four and primary school testing would be axed under a Labour Government, Jeremy Corbyn has told teachers.


All workers now entitled to a payslip

A poll has found that 15 per cent of workers under 24 do not receive a payslip, ahead of a change to the law that means that all workers are now legally entitled to one.


Policy Guides

Guide to: Montessori and Steiner qualifications

What qualifications and training are available in the specialist approaches of Montessori and Steiner?...

Guide to: Level 3 apprenticeship standard

The sector’s first-ever Early Years Educator apprenticeship standard, at Level 3, has finally landed....

Guide to: National minimum/living wage

HR expert Jacqui Mann sets out everything you need to know about increases to the minimum wage rates...

Guide to: GDPR - Ten common questions

How do the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) work in practice? Alexander Fetani, of the Early...

Guide to: Universal Credit changes 2018

In the latest Budget, the Government has changed its plans for Universal Credit. Here’s what these announcements...

Guide to: Working Together Guidance

The Working Together to Safeguard Children guidance on multi-agency working was updated in June. So,...

Guide to: Social Mobility policies

The Government has recently announced a raft of initiatives targeted at closing the disadvantage gap...