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Wales one step closer to making smacking illegal

Wales is today introducing legislation to end the physical punishment of children.


Wales expands childcare training scheme

Wales has launched the second phase of a government-funded scheme giving participants the chance to trial a career in childcare.


Children's centres facing a fight for survival, warn councils

The Local Government Association says it is 'inevitable' councils will be forced to close more children's centres unless the Government provides extra funding.


Nurseries warn 1,140 hour funding 'insufficient' to deliver high-quality care

Responses from Scottish local authorities to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request reveal an average rate of £5.26 will be paid to providers to deliver the 1,140 hours from April.


Northamptonshire asks DfE for more time for funding decision

Northamptonshire County Council has asked the DfE for an extension to the deadline for setting early years funding for 2019/20.

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Health & Well-Being: Promoting well-being - toxic stress

Toxic stress in childhood occurs when children face severe, prolonged or repeated adverse events without the...


Grow Your Own… Tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes is simple, and just a few plants will reward you with plenty of delicious tomatoes...


Health & Well-Being: Poor form?

Dr Ronny Cheung, author of International Comparisons of Health and Wellbeing, talks to Meredith Jones Russell...


Physical Development - Doing fine

Fine motor skills are apparently declining in school-leavers, so instilling them in the early years is vital,...


EYFS Activities: Sharing books… Hat Tricks

Penny Tassoni has ideas for sharing a book full of surprises.


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Latest Management


Network Whispers - Baseline, Epipens and transition visits

Nursery World and NDNA join forces for a behind-the-scenes column


Nursery Management: Training - The right mix

Practitioners are aware of the need for CPD, but not all training is created equal. Knowing how to identify...


Nursery Management: Training - Initial findings

How useful is Early Years Teacher training and what difference does it make to leading practice? Samantha...


Nursery Management: Inspection - In the frame

What is new in Ofsted’s recently published Education Inspection Framework, and what are the implications...

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