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Children spend 100 million minutes reading in a month

Children and young people across the UK have read for more than a 100,000,000 minutes as part of a month-long reading competition.


Nursery campaigners march on Westminster

A group of campaigners will visit Parliament today to highlight the fight to save five local authority nurseries in Salford.


New website resources to support children's communication

The Communication Trust has launched a new national initiative to help early years settings enhance their communication provision.


Business start-up grants available for new childminders

Newly-registered childminders in England could be eligible for funding from the Department for Education (DfE) to help them set up their business and offer 30-hour childcare.


GDPR could lead to extra costs for providers

New data protection rules could result in additional costs for providers, the Pre-school Learning Alliance has warned.


Find out about new business opportunities and notifications in early years and childcare


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A Unique Child: Inclusion - With every sip

With little awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and growing concern about their prevalence, practitioners...


Learning & Development: Digital Technology - A tangled web

To prepare young children for life spent increasingly online, parents and early years practitioners need to...


EYFS Activities: Five ways to develop… upper-body strength

Julie Mountain provides some tips for helping children develop the muscles in their upper body


EYFS Activities: Essential experiences… Learning about jobs

Introducing children to the jobs done by ‘people who help us’ will provide many learning benefits and improve...


Learning & Development Music: Part 8 - Express delivery

In the final part of her series, Linda Pound explores the role of music in Expressive Arts and Design


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Funding - A black hole?

The National Funding Formula for schools is changing from this month. What does this mean for early years,...


Network Whispers

Nursery World and NDNA’s behind-the-scenes column


Universal Credit: Part 4 - An incentive to work?

Will Universal Credit make parents paying for childcare better or worse off if they increase their hours,...


Unpicking Ofsted Reports, Part 3: Monitoring And Self-Evaluation

Pennie Akehurst, former head of the Early Years and Childcare Service at Derbyshire County Council, looks...

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