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Tax-Free Childcare: only a fifth of predicted number of families sign up

New figures on the take-up of Tax-Free Childcare from HMRC show that just a fifth of the number of parents the Government expected to have signed up to Tax-Free Childcare have done so.


Northamptonshire County Council in early years funding blunder

A new IT system has caused havoc for childcare providers in Northamptonshire, leaving more than 80 per cent of them with either overpayments or underpayments for funded places.


Andrea Leadsom's group seeks to plug gaps for 0-2s

A new cross-Government ministerial group, chaired by the leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom MP, has been working to identify gaps in support and services for families from when a child is conceived...


The Big Picture - Women warriors

Viking women will take centre stage at the 2019 Jorvik Viking Festival in York on 20-27 February.


Spotlight on...Clare Morris

Nursery manager at Honeybear Nursery and Pre-School in Whalley Range

Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


EYFS Activities: We’ve explored… art

One setting took children’s artwork to another level by exhibiting it at a major gallery, discovers Annette...


Sensory Processing: Part 2 - Vestibular system

Development of the vestibular sense – and addressing over- and under-sensitivity – is explored by Anne O’Connor...


Health & Well-Being: Mother care - Doulas

How doulas are providing valuable support to women in Bradford. By Meredith Jones Russell


Resilience Outdoors - En route

Being outdoors offers unique and plentiful opportunities to build our own and children’s resilience, explains...


EYFS Activities: Five ways to explore… Tarpaulins

If you don’t already have a tarp collection at your setting, perhaps these ideas will tempt you, says Julie...


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Latest Management


On the Grapevine - Network Whispers

Nursery World and NDNA join forces for a behind-the-scenes column


GDPR in your setting: Ten common questions

How do the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) work in practice? Alexander Fetani, of the Early...


EYFS training: Part 2 - The key person role

Because the key person is linked to attachment, it is a vital role for practitioners to understand and...


Unpicking Ofsted Reports: Inspection Roundup - Top Ofsted issues

To round off our series on common themes in Ofsted inspections, Pennie Akehurst presents the top ten...

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