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Children’s centres facing cull nationwide

Fears are mounting that children’s centres are on the brink of extinction as the number under threat continues to rise.


Focus on phonics criticised in new survey

The majority of head teachers, teachers and parents disagree with the Government’s policy of prioritising synthetic phonics over other approaches to teaching children to read, according to a new survey....


England lags behind other EU countries for child health

England is falling behind other European countries in the race to improve children’s health, warns a new report that makes grim predictions for the state of children's health in 2030.


Twice as many children waiting to be adopted as there are adopters

Children awaiting adoption outnumber adopters by two to one, new figures show.


The Big Picture - Up in the air

A series of interactive sensory sessions for babies from birth to 13 months have been taking place on the London Eye.

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Animals - Go live!

Being with animals, either in a setting or on a farm, has a plethora of benefits for children, says nursery...


Brain Development - Big brain?

How the human brain evolved can teach us a lot about the way it learns and the most effective methods of teaching,...


Emotional Development - Time to Reflect

Reflect is an innovative approach to supporting children’s emotional development and resilience through working...


EYFS Activities: Five ways to explore… conkers

Conkers have huge affordances – and luckily there is plenty of them right now, and they’re free! By Julie...


Non-Verbal Communication - Eye to eye

Understanding non-verbal communication will help practitioners get on with parents, finds Charlotte Goddard...


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Guide to: Social Mobility policies

The Government has recently announced a raft of initiatives targeted at closing the disadvantage gap...


Recruitment, Part 6: Diversity - Wider scope

What can settings do to attract more men, as well as more people from diverse ethnic backgrounds – and...


Unpicking Ofsted Reports, part 9: Partnerships

With the 30 hours leading to more children attending multiple settings, Pennie Akehurst finds the common...


Network Whispers - DfE use of figures, 30 hours celebrations and Universal Credit

Nursery World and NDNA join forces for a behind-the-scenes column

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