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Norfolk County Council gives green light to children's centre closures

Norfolk County Council is to press ahead with its plans to close 38 of its 53 children’s centres.


Cuts and Brexit uncertainty putting children's health at risk

Universal early years services continue to bear the brunt of cuts to public health services, with no targeted help for children and families in poverty, children’s doctors warn today.


Nursery school teachers could face axe in council cutbacks

Edinburgh’s nursery school teachers could be replaced by early years practitioners in a council bid to save millions of pounds.


Childcare charity saved from closure

The future of a children’s charity has been secured thanks to a rescue plan to save the service.


Education inspection framework 2019: key changes for early years

Nursery World looks in detail at how Ofsted plans to change early years inspection.

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Health and Well-Being: Step by step

How the Healthy Early Years London programme is benefiting children and staff in the capital. Meredith Jones...


EYFS best practice in schools: Role play - Home and away

Even the youngest children role play, but the activity takes on whole new meanings and imaginative potential...


Sensory Processing, Part 1 - Making sense

Sensory experiences are vital to healthy brain development, explain Anne O’Connor and Dr Kath Dickinson in...


Outdoors: Dens - Take cover!

An outdoor setting in the Scottish Highlands is giving children the resources and autonomy to take their den-building...


EYFS Activities: We’ve explored… the world

Julia Donaldson’s What the Ladybird Heard inspired one setting to send children postcards from across the...


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Latest Management


EYFS Training: Part 1 - Going back to basics

In a new series updating our popular EYFS Training series from 2010, Charlotte Goddard looks at the EYFS,...


Training Talk - For why

Nasen’s Early Years SEND Resources helped Jen Malins to address the ‘why’ and not just the ‘what’ in...


Childcare Counsel - job offer doubts; whistleblowing

Our resident employment lawyer Caroline Robins, Eversheds principal associate, answers your questions...


Training - New apprenticeship standards

The early years trailblazer group is now in its third incarnation, and is busy devising apprenticeship...

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