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Management In Depth


Funding - A black hole?

The National Funding Formula for schools is changing from this month. What does this mean for early years, asks Hannah Crown


Universal Credit: Part 4 - An incentive to work?

Will Universal Credit make parents paying for childcare better or worse off if they increase their hours, asks David Finch at the Resolution Foundation


Unpicking Ofsted Reports, Part 3: Monitoring And Self-Evaluation

Pennie Akehurst, former head of the Early Years and Childcare Service at Derbyshire County Council, looks at how settings can replace the recently axed Ofsted self-evaluation form


Network Whispers

Nursery World and NDNA’s behind-the-scenes column


Work Matters: Funding - Income areas

Caroline Voogd uses the prime and specific areas of the EYFS to find extra sources of income for settings


Childcare counsel

Our resident legal agony aunt, Caroline Robins, principal associate at Eversheds, answers your latest questions

Books for Childcare Professionals