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Expansion to another site meant it was time for management training across the staff at this nursery. Karen Faux reports.

In the final part of this series, Caroline Jones suggests that when it is handled appropriately, conflict can lead to improved teamwork and clarification of ideas.

One boy's schemas are observed by Daryl Ormond, a family worker at Pen Green Nursery, Corby.

More awareness of this is needed

Mary Dickins is an early years consultant (All Together Consultancy/London Met. University)

How tolerant should private nurseries be about what time parents pick up their children, and to what extent can they afford it? Melanie Defries talks to a group of managers.

What was the impact of last month's flooding on local childcare businesses? Emmie Short describes her family's experience.

22 - 23 JANUARY 2010 - Nursery World Show

A new way of directing practitioners on to the right career path maps what they have done so far, as Karen Faux explains.

Fussy eating is a family affair, says Sian Nisbett, director of Dizzy Ducks Day Nursery, which owns three nurseries in Essex.