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- Reclaiming Childhood: Freedom and play in an age of fear

A round-up of new products to keep children entertained and safe. Compiled by Ruth Thomson.

- No More Blankets for Lambkin! By Bernette Ford and Sam Williams

Puzzles can help young children to develop their fine motor skills and give them a great sense of achievement when they're done. Nicole Weinstein asked early years settings to put some together.

Your essential guide to inclusive practice

This round-up of new products compiled by Ruth Thomson is the first of a new monthly series.

What Shall I Make?

You don't need a high-tech sensory room to stimulate children's senses. Early years settings test some of the latest resources for sensory play and tell Nicole Weinstein what they think of them.

- Really Want to Eat a Child by Sylviane Donnio and Dorothee de Monfreid

- Child Care Today: What we know and what we need to know