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Edited by Ian Menter (Critical publishing, £20)

By Lisa B Fiore (Routledge, £21.59)

By David Wright and Simon Brownhill (Jessica Kingsley, £18.99)

Contributions from Margy Whalley, Karen John and Patrick Whitaker (Pen Green Books for Early Years Educators)

by Karen Constable (Routledge, £27.99)

by Helen Penn (Routledge, £23.99)

by Cathy Nutbrown (Sage, £27.99)

By Mary Scanlan(Featherstone, £9.70)

By Mona Sakr, Roberto Federici, Nichola Hall, Bindu Trivedy and Laura O’Brien (Routledge, £20.69)

By Al Aynsley-Green (Routledge, £13.99)