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Transitions can present challenges, but in the right situation children can be surprisingly adaptable, says Working Mum.

Sleep affects children's development and well-being in a number of ways. Penny Tassoni explains what these are and offers some advice to help make sure your child gets the hours they need.

A family support worker deals with a wide range of issues, but it all starts with helping people become better parents. Gabriella Jozwiak reports.

The majority of people in the UK think childcare should be shared equally between parents, suggests a survey.

How a child's carers interact with parents matters- not just during the nursery years but in school, says Working Mum.

Find out about winning ways to engage parents in their children's learning at the Nursery World Show 2015

A revised set of mandatory food standards for all maintained schools and new academies and free schools came into force this week.