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With nurseries spending an increasing amount of time outside, many are investing in outdoor structures bringing real benefits to children's play and learning, says Katy Morton.

In Scotland, creativity is now at the heart of early years education. Annette Rawstrone assesses its capacity to foster a love of learning.

Some settings are making blocks an important part of their provision - and opening up new opportunities for learning and development as a result. Marianne Sargent explains.

Role play is becoming more flexible, with settings embracing approaches that create more authentic experiences and respond to children's interests. Marianne Sargent explains.

Use targeted resources that are meaningful to children to get them talking, says Judith Stevens.

Exploring Montessori - with its focus on nurturing the whole person in a well-planned learning environment - can offer lessons for all of us. Marianne Sargent takes a look.

There is potential for mathematical learning in all areas of a nursery, so long as practitioners are open to possibilities. Judith Stevens suggests ideas to inspire three- to five-year-olds.

Careful thought is needed to create well-defined and attractive spaces to enhance play, learning and well-being. Ruth Thomson explains.

With technology playing an increasingly important part in all our lives, it is essential that the early years sector finds appropriate ways to incorporate ICT into settings. Nicole Weinstein finds inspiration at one nursery school using a variety of gadgets to both support and enhance learning.

To create effective 'enabling environments', we must be open to ideas from a range of sources, including educational pioneers, overseas settings and children themselves, says Nicole Weinstein.