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Most early childhood degrees include 'real-world' experiences in early years settings and a related final-year project or dissertation. Make the most of these learning opportunities by bringing your critical thinking skills with you on the placement.

International awards honour architecture for children, says Ruth Thomson.

Childminders have bought and equipped a beach chalet for a unique resource they can share with other providers. Annette Rawstrone reports.

Children's experience of the outdoor environment can be enhanced through an imaginative use of ground surfaces and materials, reports Sue Learner.

The latest resources that will enable you to create warm and secure environments to maximise children's potential for learning.

Babies, toddlers and two-year-olds and the outdoors are a natural combination, with endless benefits for learning and development. Jan White explains where to find them.

Exploring the outdoors develops young children's sense of space and movement. Nicole Weinstein looks at how to create the perfect outdoor space.

Little ones need to nap, eat and be changed. Karen Faux looks at how to provide for these essential daily routines.

Sharing your outdoor space, or even just the corridors that lead to it, can restrict when and how you use your outside provision. Ginny Wright, from Learning through Landscapes, explores the issues.

Early years settings' work with families can take a new dimension when everybody gets outdoors together, says Annie Davy, early years advisor at Learning through Landscapes.