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Gender and how to define it is rarely out of the headlines at the moment. Recent research is also prompting a rethink of what ‘gender’ means, by demolishing gender stereotypes and questioning the nature-nurture, boy-girl divide. Our masterclass will review this latest research and consider its implications for early years practice.

Foundation Stage Units are in the spotlight amid Government plans to greater align EYFS and Key Stage 1 goals. Anne O’Connor outlines how they work and examines their benefits and challenges

With the right clothing, rainy days are an opportunity. By Julie Mountain

How one setting introduced children to the sensory experience of herbs. By Annette Rawstrone

Children enjoy helping adults assemble furniture and equipment, and such construction projects have many benefits, writes Penny Tassoni

People and communities are the subject of the last part of our series on resourcing for Understanding the World. By Nicole Weinstein

How experimenting with music aids children’s personal, social and emotional development and promotes self-regulation. Linda Pound explains, and offers practical advice for practitioners

A child who is always feeling unwell or hurt when they have no physical cause to be may need emotional support, explains Cath Hunter

See one Nursery of the Year in action, for ideas you can take home from the Nursery World Show 2018

British Early Childhood Education Research Association (BECERA), an independent self-funding organisation run by the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), aims to stimulate,...