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More awareness of this is needed

How tolerant should private nurseries be about what time parents pick up their children, and to what extent can they afford it? Melanie Defries talks to a group of managers.

Fussy eating is a family affair, says Sian Nisbett, director of Dizzy Ducks Day Nursery, which owns three nurseries in Essex.

Upheavals in family life may coincide unhappily with a young child's developmental stages, as Dr Maria Robinson explains.

Becoming a mother after becoming a teacher can bring new insights into the work of early years practitioners, as Phoebe Doyle found out.

Giving parents the hours of childcare they want doesn't always mesh with what an early years setting is able to offer. Melanie Defries hears how nursery practitioners handle it.

Food is not just a fuel, but a factor in social relationships and personal attitudes, as Dr Maria Robinson finds in a typical case at nurseries.

Progress is fast at a nursery where decisions are made by a committee - of children. Katy Morton reports.

Some nurseries are letting the children choose who they want to be their main carer, which can help to ensure they are matched according to their needs, finds Annette Rawstrone.

Is the Early Years Foundation Stage helping or hindering those working with the children between nursery and formal schooling? Melanie Defries hears about a complex task.