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Upheavals in family life may coincide unhappily with a young child's developmental stages, as Dr Maria Robinson explains.

One nursery tried a positive approach to giving children the power and independence to sort things out among themselves. Mariette Heaney describes the process and the results.

The case of a challenging child from a challenging family is explored by Dr Maria Robinson.

If nappy changing becomes just a mechanical task, says Dr Maria Robinson, both baby and carer lose out.

To settle a very young child enrolling at nursery, practitioners need to see things from their perspective, says Dr Maria Robinson.

How can a young child please both nursery workers and her parents? Dr Maria Robinson offers advice.

Who or what should determine how much sleep an infant has? Dr Maria Robinson considers a sensitive point in practitioners dealing with parents.

Practitioners need to be careful to treat children as individuals when establishing a sense of gender identity, advises Dr Maria Robinson.

How do you deal with a child who never says a word at nursery? Don't jump to conclusions, advises Dr Maria Robinson, but observe him more carefully.

Each child's development, physically, mentally and emotionally, needs to progress when they are ready and willing for it, explains Dr Maria Robinson.

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