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The Ofsted report Bold Beginnings reveals an ignorance of how children learn and marks another step towards the schoolification of Reception Year (YR), says early years consultant Tamsin Grimmer

40 years after a group of childminders first got together to set up an organisation to support registered childminding, current chief executive Liz Bayram reflects

One MP's recent comments recall the age-old debate about the 'care' and 'education' of young children, says Michael Pettavel

What could this month's Budget mean for the sector?

Neil Leitch calls on the early years sector to find common ground and work together in lobbying for change to the 30 hours policy

The debate over the rights and wrongs of smacking children has raged on for decades, yet very little progress has been made in stopping this unacceptable practice.

Our columnist reflects on what party conference season means for the early years

Labour MP Ruth George says she wants to speak for childcare providers, parents and children

We’re hearing more and more about the role grandparents are playing in children’s lives, but many are also full-time carers for their children, says Lucy Peake

Dr Alice Bradbury and Dr Guy Roberts-Holmes of UCL Institute of Education argue that the policy to bring back the Baseline is discredited and that Government should abandon these plans.