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Just as some parents start to get over the shock of adapting to life with a baby, along comes teething to upset the apple cart.

At a point when most parents are just about getting on top of feeding their babies with milk, the world of weaning beckons.

Broken nights. They are the bane of most parents' lives at some time or another. While you might have been ready for a 2am call when your child was a baby, you might not feel quite as prepared now that they are older. So, why do children wake in the night, and just as importantly, what should you do when this happens?

Rubber ducks in the bathroom, stacking beakers in the kitchen. If you have a three-year-old, the chances are that your home is already feeling like a toyshop.

Toys. They are everywhere. Gone are the days when they were only sold in toy shops. Now they are a few shelves away from the food in the supermarket and the aspirin in the chemist. They are not cheap, either. So, what is worth buying and, more importantly, what will genuinely help your child to learn?

The words 'television' and 'young children' when put together are likely to make many parents wince from guilt.

Everyone knows that learning to read is an essential skill, says Penny Tassoni.

Children's speech is such a hot topic that the Government has appointed a speech tsar, or to be more precise, a 'champion of communication'. If you are the parent of a child who rarely stops talking, this may all seem a bit ludicrous, but dig a little under the hype and suddenly the focus on children's speech makes perfect sense.

Tantrums in two-year-olds are not exactly fun for parents, but spare a thought for those parents whose fourand five-year-olds regularly attack the floor and even them.

Few parents escape the embarrassment of their child having a tantrum at the supermarket checkout or on the floor of a restaurant.