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Nancy Stewart's To the Point article - ' A hostage to paperwork?' 12 - 25 November) made interesting reading. I have been an Ofsted registered childminder for 19 years and I have been graded outstanding twice. While this does not make me an expert in...

The Status has proved its worth on many fronts and now it is time for the Government to decide how it can be built on, says Dr Eunice Lumsden

Nick Woodall of the Centre for Separated Families explains how proposed legislation could transform the way society views lone parenting, placing a new emphasis on shared parenting after divorce or separation

Let me introduce myself. I'm nasty and aggressive; a bit of an oddball, in fact. I'm cold, clinical, and uncommunicative.

Government adviser Louise Casey says the chaotic histories of thousands of "troubled families" need to be addressed to help them turn their lives around. Sally Goddard Blythe gives her view

Childcare needs to be more accessible and more affordable, but at the same time quality must not be compromised, says Anne Marie Carrie, chief executive of Barnardo's

Put young children first when responding to the final report from Nutbrown, says Chelle Davison, senior lecturer at Leeds Metropolitan University, chair of SEFDEY North East Region, and member of the expert panel for the Nutbrown Review

"It doesn't take GCSE's or anything else to change nappies, just common sense" - comments on the Nutbrown Review. Julian Grenier gives his response on his latest blog

By June O'Sullivan, chief executive of London Early Years Foundation

It is astonishing that the unrealistic writing targets in the EYFS haven't been amended, says Sue Palmer

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