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Families can find ways to resolve problems in their relationships with the help of a professional play therapist, as Cath Hunter explains.

It may be hard to identify dyslexic children when they show many of the same traits as those without it. Phoebe Doyle offers some insight.

An inclusion course much in demand is outlined by Karen Faux

See what makes a winner in the Nursery World Inclusive Practice Award 2010 along with Katy Morton, who went to visit a centre that welcomes children of all abilities as equals.

An inclusive approach to children learning and speaking more than one language is explored by Tina Bruce, Carolyn Meggitt and Julian Grenier.

Young children are learning empathy by caring for even younger babies. Mary Evans finds out how.

Mary Dickins is an early years consultant (All Together Consultancy/London Met. University)

Caring for a disabled child can be a full-time job. Many parents find that they have little time for everyday tasks such as cleaning, taking a shower and shopping.

WINNER: Caverstede Early Years Centre, Walton, Peterborough

Nursery nurses can make all the difference to children with complex needs, say Gareth Jones and Vikki Turner.