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'Doctor, I'm worried about my son. He has a nasty rash behind his knees, it looks so red and sore.'

Letting babies take the lead in feeding themselves by hand has many advantages, says Annette Rawstrone.

Rewards across all areas of learning will be the result when you get young children together in a baking activity, says Judit Horvath.

It's a family gathering and everyone is eating, except one child, who is refusing to eat. So, why are some children such fussy eaters, and what can parents do?

'Doctor, my son has been wheezy for the last few nights. I'm worried he has asthma'.

At a point when most parents are just about getting on top of feeding their babies with milk, the world of weaning beckons.

WINNER: Little Monkey's Nursery, Windsor, Berkshire

In the absence of governmental criteria for nursery meals, Mary Whiting recommends checking out the Caroline Walker Trust, which has a wealth of good advice and resources on eating well for under-fives.

Eye infections in children are common and usually resolve with simple measures. Nevertheless, there are less common conditions that without treatment can have serious consequences.

Broken nights. They are the bane of most parents' lives at some time or another. While you might have been ready for a 2am call when your child was a baby, you might not feel quite as prepared now that they are older. So, why do children wake in the night, and just as importantly, what should you do when this happens?