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A charity has warned that tackling children's taste for sugar and junk food will be a ‘public health test like no other’.

The sector has reacted angrily to a Daily Mail article alleging that large numbers of childminders and nannies are feeding children food such as,‘sausage rolls, burgers, chips and Belgian waffles’, against parents' wishes.

Online advertising of foods high in fat, salt and sugar aimed at children is to be banned under new rules coming into effect next year.

Owner of Maisie Poppins Childcare in Hackney.

Young children could be at greater risk of obesity if they do not get enough sleep, a study suggests.

Two leading food education programmes, Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project, and the Soil Association’s Food for Life, have formed a new partnership giving nurseries and schools access to both for a single membership subscription.

Reception class teachers will receive new resources from Change4Life aimed at cutting the number of children who leave primary school overweight or obese.

Less than 2 per cent of primary school children’s packed lunches meet standards for school meals, new research suggests.

Nearly a third of early years practitioners have heard a child calling themselves fat, with children as young as three are worried about their weight, according to new research.

The long-awaited strategy to tackle childhood obesity fails to acknowledge the critical early years, causing widespread disappointment among child health and early years experts.

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