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Singing has a long tradition in nurseries, thanks largely to the work of Friedrich Froebel, and the practice is intimate and complex, explain Sacha Powell, Kathy Goouch and Louie Werth

What are the benefits of children creating visual works? And how can you encourage them to do so? Penny Tassoni offers advice

There are benefits to embracing a creativity focused on process rather than result. Nicole Weinstein offers a guide

One nursery in north London has started providing ukulele sessions for children once a week. Liz Roberts reports on how babies and children alike are engaging with the instrument

A new national project uses music to support wider development. The University of Roehampton's Adam Ockelford and Angela Voyajolu explain.

Allowing children to explore media and materials enables important learning, but how can practitioners support children's creativity and understanding? Nicole Weinstein explains.

A creative raft-building project at one setting prompted a range of learning opportunities and discussions about the wider world. The nursery's artist-in-residence Rosie Potter explains.

The Babysong Project has been looking at how singing and song can establish intimacy between practitioners and babies. Vanessa Young explains

Story Square harnesses the power of storytelling to give children a voice through play - and enable others to learn about them. Class teacher Jay Ramsey shares his setting's experience

A setting rescued from closure by parents is providing outstanding provision with creative and critical thinking at the heart of its practice. Marianne Sargent explains