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A new online management system is greatly enhancing operational efficiencies at a nursery in south east London. Karen Faux finds out how it benefits staff and parents.

Asquith Nurseries is investing millions of pounds in creating bespoke outdoor spaces for its 78 locations nationwide.

Developing a toddler room that taps into children's language interests takes some careful planning. Mary Evans asks four settings for advice.

Music and language have a close connection to one another, but activities must be tailored to match young children's abilities, says Susan Young.

Creating a book corner gives children a dedicated space for reading and promotes language learning. Jean Evans explains.

ICT resources for promoting language in early years should be chosen with the characteristics of learning in mind. Marianne Sargent reports.

Embracing role play provides an opportunity for children to try out different ways of speaking in situations that are meaningful to them. Nicole Weinstein reports.

The baby room environment can play a key role in helping babies to communicate. Nicole Weinstein explains how to balance interactive resources with quiet space.

Getting children to work creatively with messy materials can assist with the development of descriptive language, explains Anne O'Connor.

Creating a rich communication environment is vital for language development, says Nancy Stewart.