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The latest resources that will enable you to create warm and secure environments to maximise children's potential for learning.

Collections of natural objects offer children rich sensory experiences and are a great way to nourish their brains, says Anne O'Connor.

ICT equipment designed for children with special educational needs can be the best choice for general provision too, says Stuart Pattison.

Millington Road Nursery School, Cambridge, established its environmental action group in 2004. The group includes staff, parents and trustees.

Disabled and able-bodied children are playing together happily with sensory equipment that's out of this world. Melanie Defries reports.

Babies, toddlers and two-year-olds and the outdoors are a natural combination, with endless benefits for learning and development. Jan White explains where to find them.

Toys. They are everywhere. Gone are the days when they were only sold in toy shops. Now they are a few shelves away from the food in the supermarket and the aspirin in the chemist. They are not cheap, either. So, what is worth buying and, more importantly, what will genuinely help your child to learn?

The way a nursery is set up can profoundly influence the quality of children's experiences there.

Nursery staff may be more risk-averse than parents, says Saffia Farr.

Toddlers love going on everyday little trips. Nicole Weinstein looks at the best ways to get them around.