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New resources for role play are reviewed by early years settings that observed how the children used them and reported back to Mary Evans.

Children learn to handle the responsibility of choice at one nursery's snack bar. Helen Dashfield explains.

New products for play and learning indoors and outdoors are previewed by Ruth Thomson.

Puzzles, magnets and wind equipment set fun challenges for early science exploration in products that childcarers tested for Mary Evans.

The Outdoor Challenge will get you to think hard about your setting's outdoor provision, says Julie Mountain of Learning Through Landscapes.

A visitor showed children the way to get more involved in a local community event, and their response revealed much to nursery staff about their thinking, says teacher Tessa Fenoughty.

Visits are invaluable to young children's learning. Heading out on a trip can provide meaningful contexts for learning, broaden children's experience and feed their insatiable desire to explore.

A round-up of new products, from protective clothing to farm toys, compiled by Ruth Thomson.

For children to get the most out of their time outdoors, practitioners need to develop the right qualities for leadership, says Annie Davy.

Set aside a dedicated food area in your setting where the children can explore and prepare food for maximum learning and enjoyment, says Diana Lawton.