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The children at one setting created sophisticated animations that were shown at their local cinema. By Annette Rawstrone

Penny Tassoni has ideas for sharing a much-loved book

The changing nature of the beach provides new and exciting learning opportunities for children at one nursery in West Sussex. Nicole Weinstein finds out more

Beatle Woods Outdoor Nursery, Coventry

Outdoors is the very best place for babies and toddlers to explore, learn how the body works and to develop its potential, explains Julie Mountain

How one setting provides the opportunity for children to make transient art, and what they get out of it. Meredith Jones Russell reports

by Quentin Blake (Jonathan Cape 2010)

Children in London learned how to make bricks and much more while creating a community wall, writes Rosie Potter

From a beach hut to an underwater tableau, Julie Mountain reveals how to transform a disused playhouse into something useful and rewarding

The children at one setting got stuck in planning and then building an outdoor play house, hears Annette Rawstrone