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Many sports and games require good balls skills, but learning to catch, throw, kick and aim benefits young children in ways far beyond the playing field.

Simple equipment and activities are all it takes to develop children's ball skills.

The tantrums, biting and defiant behaviour often associated with this age group can be managed when you understand the reasons behind it, says Penny Tassoni.

Young children's experimentation with movements is linked to what we later recognise as 'dance', say Anne O'Connor and Anna Daly, directors of Primed for Life Training Associates.

Until small children can feel empathy, getting them to say 'sorry' to others is unrealistic, says Sue Chambers.

Providing opportunities for active outdoor play significantly increases children's agility and it need not be expensive, says Julie Mountain.

Apps are becoming the latest must-have in helping practitioners with observation, assessment and planning, says Mary Evans.

Early years consultant Gail Ryder Richardson provides a step-by-step guide to providing an outdoor environment that empowers children to keep themselves safe.

Local community collaboratives are a great way to ease children's transition to school, says Rebecca Fisk

When two-year-olds begin to show signs of greater independence, how and when adults intervene is crucially important, says Penny Tassoni.