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Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt has said that smartphone use among parents is to blame for children’s speech and language delays.

One of the leading figures behind a landmark 17-year study into pre-school education has criticised the Government for restricting the 30-hour offer to working families.

The charity is calling for more investment in the early years to prevent children, particularly those that are disadvantaged, falling behind in language development.

While the number of children passing the phonics check has increased year-on-year, teaching staff are unsure of its value.

A national early language training programme has been successful in boosting the communication skills of two to three-year-olds.

A new petition calls for the Government's Health and Education departments to work more closely together to tackle 'critical issues' affecting children's development.

Children and early years professionals around the world will be celebrating International Mud Day on 29 June.

Illustrator and writer Chris Riddell was named the ninth Waterstones Children’s Laureate at a ceremony in London on Tuesday.

Experts have cast doubt on the popular belief that dyslexia is a visual disorder, as a new large-scale study suggests dyslexia is not linked to eyesight problems.

A new research project will examine the impact that watching television has on young children’s creativity and imagination.