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Penny Tassoni offers suggestions to ensure a child who bites is deterred from making a habit of it.

Understanding the stages young children go through when developing their thinking patterns is crucial when supporting babies and infants from birth to three years, says Marion Dowling. Photographs at Treetops Beechwood day nursery by Pauline Neild.

A child's first word is an exciting moment for parents and a wonderful feat of intelligence for a child. By Nancy Stewart

To create a communication rich environment for their charges, Norland Nursery staff studied their own communication patterns. By Clare Crowther

Penny Tassoni advises on the tricky situation of a parent working in the nursery their child attends.

Ability to communicate and use language is recognised as the foundation for children's development across other learning areas. By Nancy Stewart

In promoting PSED, Norland Nursery chose to focus on the elements in isolation as well as how they weave together. Clare Crowther explains.

Ann Langston explains the main aspects of Personal, Social and Emotional Development and offers advice on how parents can support their children

The right kind of experiences in the earliest years build the nerve networks in the brain that a child needs for good PSED. Caregivers carry a huge responsibility, says Anne O'Connor

It is standard practice to praise children for their achievements. But can too much be counterproductive? Penny Tassoni offers advice.