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By the Child Action Development Trust (CAPT, 12, order through

By Tina Bruce (Sage, 21.99, ISBN 9781446211250)

By Anne O'Connor (Routledge, 17.59, ISBN 9780415598583)

By Mark Dudek (National Children's Bureau, 15.99, ISBN 9781907969959)

By Clem Henricson (The Policy Press, 18.99, ISBN 9781447300533)

By Cath Smith and Sandra Teasdale (Co-Sign Communications, RRP 9.99, ISBN 9781905913220)

By Mandy Andrews (Sage, 17.99, ISBN 9780857256850)

Developed by Kate Freeman for I CAN (I CAN, 7.99 paperback; 12.99 hardback)

By Maggie Johnson and Michael Jones (Lawrence Educational, 12, ISBN 9781903670903)

By the Pre-School Learning Alliance (Pre-School Learning Alliance, 9.95 to members/12.95 non-members, ISBN 9781907478062)

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