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The early learning goals for literacy and mathematics in the EYFS have been amended, in light of the response from the early years sector to the revised framework.

The Department for Education has confirmed that the final version of the revised EYFS will be published at the end of March or early April 2012.

Culturebaby is a new programme rolling out in Manchester which aims to help practitioners and families find new ways to engage very young children with art and culture.

Having looked at 'treasure-basket play', Penny Tassoni looks at how this type of play can be developed with toddlers into something known as 'heuristic play'.

Penny Tassoni explains why treasure basket play is a fantastic experience for young children and how you can do it at home

The review of the Early Years Foundation Stage is welcomed by the early years sector - and by Julian Grenier, who sees it as only the beginning of a new dialogue.

Education is not just something delivered to children by adults, but a process that arises from the experiences and the environment of their daily lives, say Tullia Musatti and Susanna Mayer.

The national bookgifting scheme has been preserved in reduced form. Viv Hampshire looks at the benefits it still offers children.

Children enjoy an innovative resource thought up by nursery staff, says Annette Rawstrone.

Music for Starters is offering its Music Making with Babies on-site or at venues nationwide over the next few months.