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Mindful carers are needed to ensure that children with different needs get the right amount of stimulation. Anne O'Connor explains.

The 'Know How' guide will see you through the progress check at two, says Susan Soar, development officer, National Children's Bureau.

The benefits for children of playing in a mixed age group are explored by Anne O'Connor, with advice for practitioners on reinforcing it

Young boys seem to have a natural urge to wrestle with each other, so what stance should childcarers take? asks Annette Rawstrone.

In its last few weeks in the womb a baby is already busy learning, says Annette Karmiloff-Smith, in the first of a new series on the developing brain.

Thoughtful practitioners will identify what may be preventing children from doing their best, as Chris Dukes and Maggie Smith demonstrate.

Children may remain emotionally affected long after an accident. Annette Rawstrone hears how.

Burnwood Nursery School has cut dramatically its number of children on the special needs register. Head teacher Juliet Levingstone explains how, in the second of a series on Stoke-on-Trent's nursery schools.

While children will squabble from time to time, they are usually practising negotiating techniques. The skill for adults is to know when to step in or step back and let them get on with it, explains Anne O'Connor.

Distressed babies may be unable to regulate their own reactions. Their condition is explored by child psychotherapist Robin Balbernie.