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We should all be doing it more often and more carefully - especially in nurseries, where better handwashing could drastically reduce infections, says Ruth Thomson.

Getting parents on board a healthy eating initiative when it is at odds with their long-time habits is a tricky process requiring sensitive communication, as Alison Tonkin, Cath Alderson and Gill Roberts explain.

Sprouts that are grown in space to fuel astronauts' vitamin levels can provide a nursery activity that shows children where their food comes from, and why it's good for them.

Child dental care should begin with the first tooth and parties are a fun way to encourage it, says Viv Hampshire.

With children of mixed parentage becoming a larger proportion of the UK population, early years practitioners must avoid making assumptions, says Annette Rawstrone.

The way specialist teachers work with the families of children with learning disabilities is being changed by groundbreaking research, Karen Faux finds.

Practitioners can help parents prevent the resurgence in rickets with some important advice, says Ruth Thomson.

Ways to incorporate safety issues in health awareness are considered by Alison Tonkin, Cath Alderson and Gill Roberts.