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Lisa Morrison, head cook at Caring Kindergartens, shares her top two homemade snack recipes

Research shows that iodine deficiency in pregnant women can impair a child's cognitive development. Ruth Thomson examines the impacts of the deficiency and outlines what can be done to prevent it.

Provided by Tristian Strover, chef at Tootsies Private Day Nursery in Farnham, Surrey.

Food allergies such as dairy or egg present a challenge for nurseries, but by working with parents practitioners can ensure children's nutritional needs are well met, says Annette Rawstrone.

A team of nursery nurses is benefiting newborns, their families and the NHS. Ruth Thomson visits.

Dr Katherine Runswick-Cole is a senior research fellow in disability studies and psychology, at the Research Institute for Health and Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University.

With some careful planning, settings can easily cater for all the needs of vegetarians whatever the specifics of their diet, says Nicole Weinstein.

An Italian omelette containing vegetables, seasonings and cheese.

Settling in and building relationships are key challenges for settings involved in the two-year-old programme, and nurseries can find ways to smooth the process, says Penny Tassoni.

Mindful carers are needed to ensure that children with different needs get the right amount of stimulation. Anne O'Connor explains.