Learning and Development: First books

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can You Moo?
by Tanya Roitman
Can You Smile?
by Simms Taback
Do You Have a Tail?
By Simms Taback
Blue Apple Books, £4.99, to be published 30 November

Can a dog moo? Can a pig moo? Can you moo? A pig finger puppet asks animal after animal if they can moo. Will it ever find out who can? Tanya Roitman's bold and cheerful illustrations accompany the simple text of questions and animals sounds.

Do You Have a Tail? and Can You Smile? by Simms Taback follow a similar format, with a little white mouse puppet asking animals about their features and a little bear puppet asking animals if they can laugh, smile and shout.

The colours are bright and bold throughout and the animals varied, from a moose and hippo to a donkey and dog. Having the finger puppets do the 'talking' will provide great scope for interaction and storytelling to engage very young listeners.

Giant Pop-Out Vehicles; Chronicle, £7.99

This sturdy interactive book, with pop-out features, is sure to captivate young children who are fascinated by all things on two and four wheels. Simple clues in words and pictures allow children to guess what hides behind each flap.

Mama Mama/Papa Papa Flip
By Jean Marzollo
Harper Collins, £4.99
Animal babies sing a song of love to their parents in this two-in-one
board book. Read the gentle Mama Mama, then flip the book over to share
the reassuring words of Papa Papa.

Happy Birthday! (Milestones Project Chewables)
by Richard Steckel
illustrated by Michele Steckel
Tricyle Press, £4.99
In this new board book series from creators of the Milestones Project,
toddlers can see pictures of other children from around the world busy
celebrating their first and second birthdays.

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