Cookery corner - Very Berry Breakfast Smoothie

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Sofie Aldiss whisks up a smoothie


Growing children need fat in their diet, including saturated fat. It is just a matter of keeping tabs on the source and ensuring that they don't have too much of it. These smoothies are packed full of calcium from the milk, yoghurt and dried fruit, soluble fibre and slow-release carbohydrates, not to mention vitamins A and C.

Preparation time: 10 minutes
* denotes child-friendly activities
- 200g frozen mixed berries
- 25g soft dried prunes (stones removed)
- 225g natural yoghurt or unsweetened soya yoghurt
- 50ml milk, unsweetened soya milk or almond milk
- 1 level tbsp rolled oats or gluten-free oats
- 2-3 sprigs fresh mint
- honey (optional)


- Put all the ingredients except the oats into a food processor, or put into a measuring jug and use a hand blender*. Whizz until smooth and well mixed*.

- Stir in the oats and pour the smoothie into two glasses*.

- For decoration, place a small sprig of fresh mint on each and add a drizzle of honey if you wish*.

- Once you know the basic proportions of this recipe, have fun encouraging the children to try new flavour combinations: banana and cinnamon, mango and strawberry, or blueberry and lemon.

By Sofie Aldiss, food and nutrition lecturer at Norland College, Bath.

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