Nursery World special edition: Health and Well-Being

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Don't miss the new issue of Nursery World, devoted to young children's health and well-being, out on Monday 14 July


Our topical news analysis section examines the rise in diabetes in young children, latest moves with health visitors, and cuts in mental health services.

In-depth articles look at progress in intergrated working, bring together expertise from the health service, early years and care; tackling child obesity; immunisation; dental health; and supporting a child with complex medical needs.

Our experts give guidance on best practice for helping children to learn about healthy lifestyles and listening to children's own views about physical development. A GP provides a four-page guide for practitioners to give to parents, all about the top ten health challenges with young children.

Finally, we provide an overview of training courses available and useful books for your shelf.

All articles will be available on our website for subscribers to Nursery World - you can take out a free seven-day trial

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