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The Pikler approach to working with under-threes in care settings and homes was originated in Hungary by Dr Emmi Pikler in the middle of the last century.


Liz Roberts

This method has many principles in common with the Early Years Foundation Stage, such as the importance of attachment and the key person, but it can offer support to build a truly child-centred model for working with the youngest children.

The Pikler approach is becoming better known in the UK and is being included in a growing number of qualifications and training courses.

We’re delighted to have a five-page special feature on this approach, written by Dorothy Marlen, founder of the Pikler UK Association, in this issue of Nursery World, which explains the principles and how they link to the EYFS. It also features case studies of UK nurseries who have adopted the Pikler approach.

Learning from international early years approaches and reflecting on how to use elements to improve your practice in an appropriate way is hugely important.

Nursery World will be running a conference ‘Play and learning: a global perspective’ on 28 June in London, where Dorothy Marlen will talk about Pikler.

The day will include a keynote speech by Professor Carmen Dalli, from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, on the renowned Te Whariki early years curriculum. We’ll also be drawing on expertise about Swedish outdoor provision, Reggio Emilia creativity, Froebel and more.

Look out for the launch of the conference very soon, with details in Nursery World magazine and on our website.

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