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While the early years sector awaits the arrival of Government goodies such as the Workforce Strategy, Tax-free Childcare and the full implementation of the 30 free hours for three- and four-year-olds, Nursery World will be providing plenty to inform and guide practice along the way.


Liz Roberts

Governments come and go, but Friedrich Froebel’s work remains an inspiration for early childhood educators. A new series, written by Professor Tina Bruce and her team, will make links between the EYFS and Froebel’s principles and approach to early learning, and demonstrate Froebel in action at the Yellow Dot group of nurseries. This will be accompanied by colour posters to illustrate aspects of Froebelian practice, sponsored by Community Playthings.

We’ll also be featuring a brand-new series from Penny Tassoni, on different learning experiences to enrich children’s lives and help close the gap for the less advantaged. You can read her scene-setting article on pages 27-28. Also in our activities section, Julie Mountain will be looking at ‘Five things to do with…’, starting with ice.

We’ll be increasing our coverage of early years in school, beginning with a free supplement with the issue of 23 January, and continuing with a twice-termly focus in the magazine on themes such as play and how to be an early years advocate in school.

Our popular Nursery Food supplement is out on 6 February, with nutrition advice and recipes for breakfast and more.

In Work Matters, there are new columns in this issue on training and HR law, with regular updates on the trends and big deals in the nursery market and advice on family law to come.

Happy reading!

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