Win a Playforce Woodland Cottage worth £1,078 in our prize draw

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This stunning Woodland Cottage would be a great addition to any space


This cute, natural Woodland Cottage has been exclusviely designed by Playforce to offer little ones an inspiring and cosy space for play and reading in the outdoors.

Whether the children are looking for somewhere warm to take a blanket, book and cushion so that they can look at their favourite book, or somewhere shady to get away from the sun, then this is the perfect den for them to enjoy.

Children wil also love using it for role play when acting out scenes from their favourite stories, or even as a home for the animal they most like to pretend to be.

It can also be used in teaching about natural materials as the walls are made out of real bark.

playforcelogoThis Woodland Cottage has been designed with practitioners in mind as play is easy to supervise with doorways at the front and back of the cottage. So with a bit of simple self-assembly this is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

To enter, click here (offer expires 1 December 2013)


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