More than a million men are full-time dads, says survey

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Dads are the main childcare provider in one in seven UK households, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 adults with children, by insurer Aviva, found that at least 1.4 million men in the UK now take on the role of caring for their child full-time.

A further 25 per cent of families said that childcare is shared equally between both parents. This figure is up from 18 per cent in 2010.

When determining who would look after the children, 46 per cent of families said their decision was based on who earns the least money in their job.

A quarter of women surveyed said they earn more than their partner, while a further 16 per cent said they earn roughly the same.

The survey also revealed that more than a quarter of dads either gave up work or reduced their working hours after the birth of their children, and 44 per cent regularly look after their children while their partner works.

While most men who look after their children full-time said they were happy with their role, nearly one in five claimed it made them feel ‘less of a man’ and 13 per cent admitted that they find it harder looking after their children than going out to work.

A spokesperson for Aviva said, ‘It’s really interesting to see how the responsibilities of parents are shifting. There’s no longer a ‘norm’ for who does what in a family relationship, and it’s great that many mums and dads are enjoying non-traditional roles. We know from our latest Family Finances report that the cost of childcare means many families feel it’s not worthwhile both parents working - so it’s no surprise to see more men taking up the reins.

‘However, this also means that many families are relying on one salary which can leave them financially vulnerable.’

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