Spotlight on ... Gill Peacock

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Position: Headteacher of Broomhall Nursery School and Children's Centre in Sheffield


- How are you celebrating the nursery school's 80th anniversary?

We will be holding a 'through the years' garden party on 25 June for all the children, parents and staff who have been part of Broomhall's long history. We will be welcoming a special guest, Dorothy Barker, who was one of the nursery school's first pupils in the 1930s.

- What makes the nursery so successful?

Our families choose Broomhall for many different reasons - its caring and stimulating learning environment, partnerships with parents, inclusive ethos, a diverse community and wonderful setting in mature grounds

- What have been the biggest changes over the years?

In 2005 we became a designated children's centre working with partner agencies to develop a range of services to support families and children, with promotion of learning, health and emotional wellbeing as key priorities.

It's interesting to read the school logs from the 1930s and see those were the founding principles of the nursery 80 years ago.

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