Children to get in touch with artists

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A group of artists are to work with young children from early years settings and schools across North Lincolnshire to create works of art that appeal to them.


The eight artists will visit children's centres, nurseries, pre-schools, childminding groups and schools, where they will seek children's input in creating works of art that viewers can touch, play with or otherwise interact with.

Project manager Janine Parish said, 'We wanted to set up a project aimed specifically at young children and their families.

'Research by the Touring Exhibition Group has found there is only limited provision at galleries and museums for families with very young children, and a lack of child-focused exhibitions.

'When small children visit art galleries, the first thing they want to do is touch the exhibits. In most museums and art galleries they are not able to do this.'

Each artist in the project will spend five days at a setting observing the children to develop an understanding of how they think, play, explore and create. Children and staff can then take part in a series of creative play sessions where the artists will introduce new materials and ideas.

Following the workshops, the artists will develop their prototype exhibits and revisit the setting to gain the children's approval before they go on display.

As part of the project, two local artists will also work with Scunthorpe firm Simply Sensory to create a sensory space within an exhibition using light, sound and tactile surfaces.

The finished pieces will be displayed as part of the Art of Play exhibition at the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe from June to September.

The Art of Play exhibition will then go on tour in galleries in Nottinghamshire, Manchester and Doncaster.

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