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Management In Depth


Leadership: Part 3 - Everyone knows

Leaders must enable a sharing of vision among their team, as well as reflection, argue Verity Campbell-Barr and Caroline Leeson


Inspection: Safeguarding

In the first of a new series on Ofsted inspections, ex-inspector and consultant Debbie Alcock gives a rundown on recent changes to safeguarding rules


Nursery Management: Supervision - Look and learn

Everyone agrees on the need for decent supervision. So why is it so hard to achieve, asks Ruth Stokes


Nursery Management: Childminders - Space invaders

Children’s centres provide childminders and parents with a crucial place to meet and access services, but many are closing. New mum Gabriella Jozwiak finds out what is replacing them...


Nursery Management: Sector Representation - Speaking up

Given the recruitment crisis, free entitlement and apprenticeship funding challenges, there is a lot of excitement about the new early years sector council set up in June by teaching...


Nursery Management: Inspection - The right balance

Conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, are a hornet’s nest for nurseries and inspectors alike. Jo Parkes investigates

HR Update


HR Update - Exit plan

If you are spending a lot on training and want some protection against your staff taking their skills elsewhere, get them to sign a training agreement, says Jacqui Mann of HR4Nurseries

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