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Management In Depth


Social media - In safe hands

A safeguarding strategy for your online activity is vital for protecting the children in your care. Expert Kate Tyler runs through the key areas you should be thinking about.


Staff retention: Part 3 - We're engaged

'Employee engagement' is management jargon, but it can do a lot of good for both your business and your people, says Childbase Partnership regional director Sarah Rotundo


Early Years Teachers: Part 2 - To India and back

In her second article on Early Years Teacher training options, Charlotte Goddard looks at how working abroad led an aspiring actor down the graduate employment-based pathway.


Working Mum - Staying power

High staff turnover is not only a concern for management - many parents see it as a warning sign, says Working Mum.


Leading the way in micromanagement

Micro nurseries, tiny settings offering better than the statutory ratios, are on the increase.


HR Update - Health problems

Employers can't ask prospective employees about their health, but many employers are in fact unknowingly breaking the law, as Jacqui Mann of HR4Nurseries explains

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