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Management In Depth


Childcare counsel

Our resident employment lawyer, Caroline Robins, senior associate solicitor at Eversheds, answers your questions


Costs: Part 8 – Sustainability - Not costing the earth

‘Going green’ isn’t just a moral decision – it can be a good business move when energy savings are taken into account, finds Beena Hammond


Training Talk - Extra level

A Level 5 diploma set up to bridge the gap between vocational and academic qualifications has helped assistant manager Kerry Webb go on to study for a degree.


On your feet

In the wake of last month’s obesity strategy update, Bertram Nursery Group early years manager Ursula Krystek-Walton outlines its programme to get children moving for at least three...


Stepping out: journal of a nursery founder

I have decided to create an outdoor nursery. As a dad of two, I understand how important it is for children to be able to play and express their imagination, risk take and build on...


30 Hours, Part 2: Swindon - Flexible friends

Charlotte Goddard finds out how the 30-hour pilot in Swindon is being extended to offer flexible childcare to shift-workers

Books for Childcare Professionals