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Management In Depth


30 Hours, Part 7: Working in Wigan

Parents in Wigan have been encouraged to get a job or take on more work because of the 30 hours, finds Charlotte Goddard


Children’s Services Update - Foster caring

The one thing that always happens shortly after an election is announced is the closing down of current government activity – a period commonly known as ‘purdah’.


Market Round-Up - Property forecast

Mark Traynor, of HRC Law, gives the lowdown on April’s deals of note


Inspection: part 9 - Far-reaching power on no-notice inspections

With the publication of Ofsted’s ‘myth-busting’ document, former inspector Debbie Alcock sets out some of the legislation underpinning inspectors’ powers


Careers & Training - Under contract

After the launch of the apprenticeship levy last month, Beena Nadeem sets out the dos and don’ts of agreements


Childcare Counsel

Our resident employment lawyer, Caroline Robins, senior associate solicitor at Eversheds Sutherland, answers your questions

Books for Childcare Professionals