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Nursery Management: 30 Hours: Exclusive - A golden ticket?

We know the 30 hours represents a significant saving for some parents, but is this the case for all? Katy Morton and Hannah Crown report


Nursery Management: 30 Hours - Do you agree?

The conditions governing delivery of the 30 hours are being set out in local agreements up and down the country, and there is significant variation, finds Charlotte Goddard


Nursery Management: Policies - ‘Run, hide, tell’

In the wake of the recent spate of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, some settings are revising their emergency policies. Meredith Jones Russell reports


Children and Social Work Act: Safeguarding Arrangements - Safer laws?

In this new four-part series on what the new Children and Social Work Act means for the early years sector, we look at changes to the local safeguarding procedures. By Anne Marie Christian...


Nursery Management: Staff - Guide them in

A well-structured staff induction programme goes a long way to helping retain employees and brings huge benefits to both practitioners and settings, Nicole Weinstein discovers


30 Hours, Part 11: North Yorkshire and Leicestershire - Well prepared

In the final part of this series,Charlotte Goddard visits the two remaining pilot areas and finds examples of best practice in communication – as well as the usual concerns about funding,...

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