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30 Hours, Part 5: York - Collective action

York’s pilot was hit when providers refused to take part. What is happening now the rate has been raised, asks Charlotte Goddard, while James Hempsall gives his take on the pilot


Nursery Management: 30 Hours: Funding Rates - Number crunch

The way that councils are setting rates for 30 hours funding varies widely across the country. Jo Parkes assesses some big differences in approach


Nursery Management: Managers in Scandinavia - Leading the way

Scandinavia is famed for the quality of its early years settings. So, what is it actually like to work over there? Nicole Weinstein asks a leader at four different settings to describe...


Nursery Management: Apprenticeship Roundup - Slow progress

The deadlock over GCSEs at Level 3 has set early years apprenticeships back years. Following the Government U-turn and the sacking of the trailblazer group, what now? asks Hannah Crown...


Nursery Management: Schools Forums - Team spirit

What are schools forums and why do they matter? With funding set to take on an extra dimension from September with the free entitlement extension to 30 hours, Charlotte Goddard investigates...


Nursery Management: Closing the Gap - Bridge building

Why are some councils tackling the attainment gap in the early years between disadvantaged children and their better-off peers while others are not? Charlotte Goddard reports

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