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Management In Depth


Brexit - No going back

The legislative disentanglement involved in the Brexit vote will keep lawmakers busy for years to come. Its implications for the early years sector are set out here by Phil Richardson, head of employment...


Leadership: Part 2 - In my experience

Having discussed expectations of early years leaders in the previous instalment, Verity Campbell-Barr and Caroline Leeson consider the bearing of experience on knowledge


Costs part 3: Business Rates - It's complicated

The Government’s plans for business rate relief for small companies garnered headlines, but with them come reforms making it harder to appeal. Karen Faux delves into the detail


Capital Funding - Making room for 30 hours

Thinking of extending for the 30 hours? Shannon Hawthorne, press and public affairs director at Pre-school Learning Alliance, gives the lowdown on the Government’s capital funding scheme...


Careers - My working life… Health and safety manager

Gabriella Jozwiak meets a man who is responsible for everything from procurement and auditing to designing staff training


Sustainability: Part 7 - Laying the foundations

What is the Passive House building method, and why should you care? Kids Love Nature’s Sarah Emerson and Liverpool John Moores University’s Diane Boyd and Nicky Hirst explain

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