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Management In Depth


Inspection: Notifications - Hazard warning

In the second part of her series on Ofsted inspections, ex-inspector and consultant Debbie Alcock talks the how, when and why of notifications


My Best course - In safe hands

An advanced safeguarding course has helped one nursery manager bring her staff up to date with new Ofsted regulations. By Kathryn Ingham


Leadership: Part 4 - Rich reflection

In the final part of this series, Verity Campbell-Barr and Caroline Leeson explore the idea of the ‘reflective practitioner’


Costs: Part 5 - Temporary Staff - To the bank

Managers faced with staff shortages are reporting an increasing need for bank and agency staff. How can they be managed to help keep costs down? Karen Faux reports


Upcycling - Something for (almost) nothing

Want to make the most of your outdoor areas on the cheap? Take inspiration from one recent project that transformed five nursery gardens for £200 apiece.


HR Update - All change

Traditionally, October is the month when employment law changes are announced. This October is no exception, says Jacqui Mann. (Some implementation dates are to be confirmed.)

HR Update


HR Update - Exit plan

If you are spending a lot on training and want some protection against your staff taking their skills elsewhere, get them to sign a training agreement, says Jacqui Mann of HR4Nurseries

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