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Play therapy - Teaching parents how to play

Filial therapy - child-centred play led by a parent at home - is soon to get its own 'hub' at one UK university, making it easier to access specialist trainers. By Hannah Crown


Recruitment: Part 4 - Picking the right candidate

In the final part of her series, early years expert Laura Henry looks at how to conclude the recruitment process.


HR Update - Staff time means money

The increase to the national minimum wage could catch some nurseries out once all working time is included, says Jacqui Mann


My working life ... Playgroup manager

Gabriella Jozwiak hears about running a setting that is dismantled each day.


Business Development - Global village

A forest school that mixes Reggio and Montessori approaches will receive 45 visitors from settings across the world this year. Hannah Crown reports on the benefits of an international...


Recruitment: Part 3 - How to interview

In the third of a four-part recruitment series, Laura Henry offers guidance on taking an applicant through the interview process.

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