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Nursery baby room staff: Time to relax

Working in the baby room can be rewarding, but it can also prove stressful and emotionally challenging. Katy Morton looks at how nurseries can help staff manage the more difficult moments


My working life ... Early years developmental movement practitioner

The world of 'neuro gyms' and sensory massage provides a rewarding way to help parents learn about child development, Gabriella Jozwiak discovers.


Work Matters: Staff retention - part 4 - Just rewards

In the final part of a four-part series on keeping good employees in your organisation for longer, Childbase Partnership regional director Sarah Rotundo looks at the importance of...


Training Today: Continuing Professional Development - Up for review

Existing skills gaps will be brought into sharp focus by the new integrated review in September. Hannah Crown identifies the areas to consider for investment in training.


Social media - Plan for success

Achieving your online goals is much easier if you take time to map out your content first, says expert Kate Tyler.


Training Today: First Aid - First response

The Government has announced plans for a new law requiring nurseries to train more practitioners in first aid. Ruth Stokes looks at the practical implications, and how to prepare....

HR Update


HR Update - Legal roundup

Following a raft of recent changes to maternity, sickness and other employment-related legislation, Jacqui Mann of HR4 Nurseries provides a roundup of 20 things every employer needs to know

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