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Osborne looks to extend Childcare Business Grant

Chancellor George Osborne is considering boosting the Childcare Business Grant scheme by £2m as part of a drive to increase female employment.


Local authorities to share £1m to trial EYPP

Schools minister David Laws has set out more details about the Early Years Pupil Premium, including plans for a pilot of the scheme.


Schools chosen as twos 'champions'

More than half the schools that took part in the two-year-old trial have been chosen to act as ‘champions’ for providing funded nursery places.


Families award Government a C grade for family-friendly policies

Ministers have been told they ‘could do better’ by UK parents.


Guidance on Ebola issued for early years settings

Public Health England (PHE) has issued advice for childcare settings on how to detect if a child might have the Ebola virus.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Home learning: Activities for parents -Singing

Penny Tassoni has great ideas for singing at home


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Special friends

Dolls with their own personas and life stories are being used by some practitioners to help raise issues...


Enabling Environments: Collections - At the wheel

Wheeled toys such as trikes, bikes and scooters aren't just good fun - they also provide developmental benefits....


Positive Relationships: Song times

Singing is a powerful form of communication, and one that both practitioners and parents of all musical abilities...


EYFS Best Practice: All about ... neuroscience and the infant brain

What can we learn from research on early brain development? David Whitebread and Lysandra Sinclaire-Harding...


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Latest Management


Nursery Food: Outside caterers - To order?

Making a decision on whether to outsource food provision can be a complex business. Ruth Stokes looks...


Nursery Food: School meals - Free for all

The recent expansion of free school meals has presented difficulties for many, but schools are finding...


Nursery Food: Award winner - Top table

Snapdragons Keynsham is influencing children, practitioners and parents in the way they eat. Ruth Thomson...


Health in the workplace - Painful work?

Knee pain affects a quarter of adults aged 50 and over, so how do older practitioners cope with a job...

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