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Education policies: Current certainties to new visions

A new book looks at the ways we teach children and how we assess their progress - and sets out a vision for improving our methods. One of the book's editors, Dominic Wyse, explains.


Council plans may force settings to get vehicle licences

Nurseries in Barrow-in-Furness are fighting against costly council plans to make them take out private hire licences for the vehicles they use for pick-ups and drop-offs. The plans would cost them thousands...


Editor's view - Mark-making time

It's all to play for in the general election, says Liz Roberts


Exclusive - Analysis uncovers true cost of party childcare pledges

Data experts have costed the three main parties' pledges on extended free childcare.


Election Special: Who gets the early years sector's vote?

Just days away from the most closely contested General Election in recent years, we asked you to share your views on which party you will be voting for and why.


Find out about new business opportunities and notifications in early years and childcare


Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


A Unique Child: Health & Nutrition - Colour-blind?

There is still a lack of awareness about colour-blindness and its effects on children's learning, according...


EYFS Best Practice: All about ... Supporting vulnerable families

The numbers of settings working with vulnerable twos is on the rise, but what are the challenges faced by...


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - Chaos theory

Physical exuberance needs to be encouraged, not limited, in two-year-olds, says Julia Manning-Morton.


Learning & Development: Praise - Good work?

Praise is generally considered to be a positive thing, but it can actually have a negative effect on how...


Working Mum - Staying power

High staff turnover is not only a concern for management - many parents see it as a warning sign, says Working...


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Latest Management


HR Update - Health problems

Employers can't ask prospective employees about their health, but many employers are in fact unknowingly...


Early Years Teachers: Part 2 - To India and back

In her second article on Early Years Teacher training options, Charlotte Goddard looks at how working...


Leading the way in micromanagement

Micro nurseries, tiny settings offering better than the statutory ratios, are on the increase.


Working Mum - Staying power

High staff turnover is not only a concern for management - many parents see it as a warning sign, says...

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