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UK among the worst in Europe for ‘decently-paid’ maternity leave

Mothers in the UK get one of the lowest amounts of ‘decently-paid’ maternity leave in Europe, according to new analysis by the federation of trade unions the TUC.


Scotland's Blueprint for 2020 sets out early years and childcare plans

A model for free early education and childcare that involves funding following the child and the Living Wage for private nursery staff are included in the plans.


Fair funding campaign extended to parents

A campaign calling for fair future funding of early years places has been extended to include parents, with the aim of strengthening the sector's voice.


Cross-party MPs join together to debate ‘social mobility crisis’

Nick Clegg, Nicky Morgan and Lucy Powell have joined forces to warn that despite measures by successive governments, Britain faces a social mobility crisis.


Less than half of mothers breastfeed after two months

A survey of 500 new mothers reveals that while almost three-quarters start breastfeeding, less than half continue to do so six-to eight weeks later.


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Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Strongest link

Early intervention programmes are finding greater success by engaging both parents, rather than just mothers,...


Enabling Environments: Collections - To infinity!

A well-informed practitioner can save the day when children engage in superhero play, reports Nicole Weinstein...


EYFS Best Practice: Learning from Froebel… Nature

Professor Tina Bruce examines the place of ‘Nature in learning’, while Jane Dyke explains how this is being...


EYFS Activities: We’ve explored… birds

A fake crow inspired children at one setting to investigate real birds, nests and eggs, writes Annette Rawstrone...


EYFS Activities: Essential experiences… music

Bringing music to a setting or the home can only be good for children, explains Penny Tassoni


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Latest Management


30 Hours, Part 5: York - Collective action

York’s pilot was hit when providers refused to take part. What is happening now the rate has been raised,...


Nursery Management: Schools Forums - Team spirit

What are schools forums and why do they matter? With funding set to take on an extra dimension from September...


Nursery Management: Closing the Gap - Bridge building

Why are some councils tackling the attainment gap in the early years between disadvantaged children and...


Nursery Management: 30 Hours: Business Support - Stretch marks

What next for those who won capital funding to extend their settings before September? – and for the...

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  • Is adult furniture child's play?

    14 October 2015

    In parts of Finland, staff working in state-funded nursery settings have been told they must use adult-sized furniture. According to one manager, working in an EYFS nursery in Helsinki, the reason...

  • Sunshine and Skolverket in Stockholm

    05 November 2014

    The final part of the Nursery World early years trip to Finland and Sweden was spent in the lovely city of Stockholm.