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New resource to help early years staff deliver the Integrated Review

A new toolkit has been launched to support early years and health teams implement the Integrated Review for two-year-olds.


Report paves way for Integrated Review for two-year-olds

The Government has published findings from the pilot phase of the Integrated Review for two-year-olds.


Poor joint working hampers support to children and families

Families with young children are caught up in a complex and unco-ordinated health and education system, according to a new report into early intervention.


Early years Ofsted reports to be 'shorter and punchier'

Inspection reports are going to be ‘punchier’ from January, Ofsted’s early years chief has said.


Figures show wider gap in attainment for five-year-olds with SEN

A more detailed breakdown of the EYFS Profile statistics, published today, shows that the gap has widened between children with special educational needs and their peers.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Learning & Development: Two-year-olds - Touch base

In an extract from a briefing on including two-year-olds in schools, Julian Grenier and Helen Moylett look...


Enabling Environments: Christmas - Get the message

Why not use the Christmas countdown as a chance to focus on writing? Marianne Sargent offers pointers.


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Beg, steal or borrow?

'Free-and-found' resources lend themselves to creative, child-directed outdoor play. Julie Mountain offers...


A Unique Child: Child Development - All in the mindset

The work of Carol Dweck tells us that encouraging a particular way of thinking - that talent and intelligence...


Positive Relationships: Childcare Pioneers - Wise words

Child psychoanalyst Susan Isaacs had another, lesser-known role: as an agony aunt. Caroline Vollans makes...


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Latest Management


Business Models: Part 3 - Collective ownership - All for one

In the third instalment of a series on different business models, Hannah Crown considers two different...


Sexual abuse - The grooming of young children

With children at risk of sexual abuse from a very young age, it is vital that practitioners are aware...


Nursery Chains: Profile - Onwards and upwards

Sarah Rotundo-Fergusson won Nursery Operations/Regional Manager of the Year at the 2014 Nursery World...


Nursery Chains: Business - Two's company

Happy Kids Childcare and the Big Life Group have both opened provision to meet the demand for funded...

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