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  • Nursery World special edition: Health and Well-Being

    Don't miss the new issue of Nursery World, devoted to young children's health and well-being, out on Monday 14 July

  • Healthy Living: Well, well!

    Setting children on the path to a healthy life should start with supporting their well-being and capitalise on their instincts, imagination and freedom to choose. By Pat Gordon-Smith

  • Childhood Obesity: Swing into action

    Are we getting any closer to understanding childhood obesity? And what should early years practitioners be doing to help prevent it? Professor Pinki Sahota offers expert advice.

  • Dental Health: Brush up!

    Despite improvements, dental health problems among children are still a reality. Meredith Jones Russell looks at what is being done.

Latest News & Analysis


Concern over change to school admission rules for 'pupil premium' children

Disadvantaged children who attend a nursery attached to a primary could be given priority over a place at the school, under Government proposals.


Survey reveals extent of budget cuts to children's centres

More than £82m has been cut from children’s centre budgets, according to figures from public sector union Unison.


Sam Gyimah responsible for childcare and early years

Sam Gyimah, the new parliamentary under secretary of state for education, has been given responsibility for childcare and early years.


Take-up of Flying Start scheme up by a third

Major expansion of the Flying Start scheme in Wales so far has taken place during the last 12 months, latest figures show.


Parents forced to take time off work because of holiday childcare shortage

Nearly one in five parents has taken sick leave to care for their child because of a lack of available holiday childcare.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Mental health: Service cuts hit mothers and babies

Austerity measures are having a knock-on effect on the provision of mental health services around the UK....


Immunisation: On the safe side

Health and childcare professionals are encouraged to play an active role in increasing the uptake of immunisations....


Family Health: Dear Parent

In a letter to all parents of young children, Dr Raj Thakkar offers some guidance on both common and more...


Physical Development: Hang on

Have you ever asked young children what they think about physical development? Dr Lala Manners did - with...


Children with Medical Needs: Supporting ... Oscar

Attending to health is but one small part of supporting a child with complex medical needs in nursery. Ruth...


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Latest Management


Integrated Working: Hand in hand

New initiatives are bringing together expertise from the health service, early years sector and care...


Training: Courses of action

The current crop of training programmes covers a broad range of topics related to health. Hannah Crown...


Business Development - Take a slice of village life

A family members' club is offering something fresh for both parents and children.


HR Update - Capability concerns

If you are worried about an employee's ability to do the job, you need to think capability - not disciplinary...

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Latest From The Blog

  • The baby bombers

    17 July 2014

    ‘Early childhood education and care = a panacea in a world of social crises’ was a key theme of a lecture given earlier this week by Mathias Urban, professor of early childhood at the University of Roehampton....

  • Lost and found

    05 June 2014

    Nursery nurse Jennifer Jakeman, from Birmingham, wrote to Nursery World looking for a pattern for babies’ crocheted shoes, which was printed in the magazine in December 1975.