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'Thousands of children' in Scotland unable to take up their free place

Parents in Scotland have delivered a survey to the First Minister claiming that thousands of children are missing out on their free nursery place.


Smoking puts nearly half a million children into poverty in the UK

Around 400,000 children are being pushed into poverty because of their parents’ smoking habit, according to a new study.


Nursery World Awards entry - one day to go!

Don't forget - the deadline for the Nursery World Awards 2015 is tomorrow 31 May.


The Queen's Speech 2015: 30 hours of childcare and powers to improve schools

The Queen has reiterated the Government’s commitment to extending free childcare and improving ‘failing’ schools.


New resources aim to cut children's emergency hospital visits for asthma

The British Lung Foundation has stressed the importance of age-appropriate information to cut the rising rates of emergency hospital admissions for childhood asthma.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Nursery Equipment: Outdoors - Cover all bases

With nurseries spending an increasing amount of time outside, many are investing in outdoor structures bringing...


Nursery Equipment: Creativity - Space and time

In Scotland, creativity is now at the heart of early years education. Annette Rawstrone assesses its capacity...


Nursery Equipment: Block Play - Wall to wall

Some settings are making blocks an important part of their provision - and opening up new opportunities for...


Nursery Equipment: Role Play - Getting real

Role play is becoming more flexible, with settings embracing approaches that create more authentic experiences...


Nursery Equipment: Communication & Language - So to speak

Use targeted resources that are meaningful to children to get them talking, says Judith Stevens.


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Latest Management


Social media - In safe hands

A safeguarding strategy for your online activity is vital for protecting the children in your care....


Staff retention: Part 3 - We're engaged

'Employee engagement' is management jargon, but it can do a lot of good for both your business and your...


Leading the way in micromanagement

Micro nurseries, tiny settings offering better than the statutory ratios, are on the increase.


Early Years Teachers: Part 2 - To India and back

In her second article on Early Years Teacher training options, Charlotte Goddard looks at how working...

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