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Kids Company's Camila Batmanghelidjh pressured to leave

The founder of Kids Company is to step down as chief executive of the charity following a row with Government.


New guidance to help providers identify children at risk of radicalisation

New Government advice has been published for childcare providers and schools on how to protect children at risk of extremism.


Government scraps Child Poverty Act

The existing measures and targets in the Child Poverty Act will be replaced with a new duty to report on worklessness and educational attainment.


Tax-Free Childcare delayed until 2017

Tax-free childcare (TFC) has been delayed until early 2017, following a legal challenge from the childcare voucher provider companies.


Three Baseline providers approved following delays

The names of the providers that will offer the Reception Baseline from September have finally been confirmed.


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Enabling Environments: Principles - First of all

Get the underlying essentials of high-quality provision right and they will be the foundation for developing...


Learning & Development: Communication & Language - Play with words

Sharing stories and rhymes with children right from the earliest years will help them develop vital communication...


Learning & Development: Personal, Social & Emotional Development - Let me be

Making children feel secure and content is essential, but settings often have a narrow view of how this should...


Learning & Development: Maths - Try for size

The foundations for mathematics should be laid early, but what is an appropriate approach for supporting...


Learning & Development: Understanding the World - Age of discovery

Two-year-olds have a natural interest in exploration, but how can nurseries best use this to meet the learning...


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Latest Management


Nursery baby room staff: Time to relax

Working in the baby room can be rewarding, but it can also prove stressful and emotionally challenging....


My working life ... Early years developmental movement practitioner

The world of 'neuro gyms' and sensory massage provides a rewarding way to help parents learn about child...


Work Matters: Staff retention - part 4 - Just rewards

In the final part of a four-part series on keeping good employees in your organisation for longer, Childbase...


Training Today: Continuing Professional Development - Up for review

Existing skills gaps will be brought into sharp focus by the new integrated review in September. Hannah...

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