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Primary children being taught by unqualified teachers in free schools

More than 20 per cent of primary free schools have employed unqualified teachers, a survey suggests.


Record number of children adopted in the past year

The number of children being adopted is at an all time high, with more than 5,000 children placed in stable homes between April 2013 and March 2014.


Tooth decay affects more than one in ten three-year-olds

Some 12 per cent of children have tooth decay by the age of three, a new report says.


Teachers leaving the profession because of 'excessive workloads'

The majority of teachers have considered leaving the profession in the last two years because of the impact their ‘excessive workload’ has on their personal lives.


Tory conference: Freeze on benefits will hit families hardest, warn charities

Children’s charities have raised concerns over the impact the Chancellor's announcement to freeze working age benefits will have on millions of families.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Home Learning: Activities - Early Science

From early in their lives, children show an interest in science. They often notice things that we as adults...


Positive Relationships: Budding scientists

Children are naturally curious - a fact practitioners and parents can use to encourage early scientific learning,...


Enabling Environments: Let's explore ..bones

The component parts of the human skeleton are a good starting point for educating children about staying...


Learning & Development: Assessment - Measuring up

Ferre Laevers' Process-Oriented Monitoring System builds on his 'well-being' and 'involvement' scales to...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Well away

Pack-away nurseries need be creative to make their settings work. Nicole Weinstein asks three how they manage...


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Latest Management


Nursery Management: Business - 25 years of changes

Nursery owner and University of Warwick lecturer Caroline Jones has seen a raft of changes to early years...


Nursery Management: Twos update - Ready to go?

With the 40 per cent most disadvantaged two-year-olds now eligible for funded places, Hannah Crown takes...


Nursery Management: State of the sector - Hot property

The year has been buzzing for nursery sales, with demand outweighing supply, according to experts. Hannah...


Nursery Management: EYFS abroad - Early years export

The ever-evolving EYFS may have its challenges for childcare practitioners, but its excellent reputation...

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