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New after school clubs policy criticised as 'wishy-washy'

After-school service representatives have slammed the quality of the Government’s attempt to improve wraparound and holiday provision as ‘incorrect, ill-informed and wishy-washy’.


York nurseries win rise to 30-hour childcare pilot funding

Nurseries and childminders in York have won their battle for more Government funding for the 30 hours’ childcare pilot.


30 hours childcare risks widening the gap in the early years

Better-off families are set to benefit from 30 hour childcare at the expense of poorer families, warns a new analysis by think tank CentreForum.


Underfunding: Chain restricts funded-only 15-hour places

A nursery chain which has defended a ‘general extras’ charge as necessary to subsidise government-funded places has published a new policy to help get around the problem.


Study: Controlled baby crying sleep method is 'no stress'

Researchers are hoping they have put anxieties over baby sleep training to bed for good – after a study found the controversial method has no impact on stress hormones or bonding.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Nursery Equipment: Introduction - New directions

A cross-section of early years consultants and nursery equipment suppliers tell Nicole Weinstein about the...


Enabling Environments: Transitions - By the book

Special books – designed to help nursery children make the move to a new room or Reception – are child-led,...


Nursery Equipment: Two-Year-Olds - All sorted

Variety is key when it comes to resources for two-year-olds, as is catering for different levels of development...


EYFS Activities - Let’s explore… computational thinking

Children can be introduced to the basics of coding at a very young age, says Marianne Sargent


Nursery Equipment: Flexibility - Full of possibility

Open-ended resources allow children to explore their imaginations. Marianne Sargent gives the lowdown on some...


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Latest Management


Sustainability: Part 5 - Getting everybody involved

How can settings develop activities that involve the community and use sustainable resources, ask Kids...


Multi-Agency Working: Part 5 - MASH up

In recent years, multi-agency working has become formalised. Hannah Crown looks beyond the early years...


Early Years Pupil Premium: Part 8 - Quality premium

EYPP interventions depend on quality interactions for maximum impact – and settings taking a holistic...


Grandparents - A grey area for managers?

Should nurseries devise guidelines for grandparents? Richard O’Neill, who has been doing the nursery...

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  • Is adult furniture child's play?

    14 October 2015

    In parts of Finland, staff working in state-funded nursery settings have been told they must use adult-sized furniture. According to one manager, working in an EYFS nursery in Helsinki, the reason...

  • Sunshine and Skolverket in Stockholm

    05 November 2014

    The final part of the Nursery World early years trip to Finland and Sweden was spent in the lovely city of Stockholm.