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Parents fight closure of children's centres

Eight children’s centres in Salford may be closed in a bid by the local council to make savings of over £1 million.


Busy Bees to open 224th nursery

Busy Bees, the UK’s largest nursery group, is to open a new setting in Reading at the end of the month.


Bigger role for teaching schools

Teaching schools are to play a greater role in supporting the early years sector, Elizabeth Truss said last week.


Consultation results not deemed to be in 'public interest'

The Department for Education (DfE) has decided not to publish the results or a response to a key early years Government consultation because it was not deemed to be 'in the public interest', Nursery...


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Enabling Environments: Collections - Boom, bang, boom

In the second instalment of a two-part series on pattern, Nicole Weinstein looks at language, movement and...


EYFS Best Practice: All about ... sleep

Getting enough sleep - and the right sort of sleep - is a crucial component for development. Natasha Kirkham...


Learning & Development: Physical Development - Winning out?

What impact do male practitioners have on the design and delivery of Physical Development? Dr Lala Manners...


Learning & Development: Superhero Play - Superkids - the movie!

Superhero play has inspired the creation of a film at one London school. Meredith Jones Russell hears about...


Working Mum: Making a right mess

Messy is fine - to a point, says WorkingMum. But it would help if parents were told the purpose of it all....


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Latest Management


Take twos - considering all the possibilities in schools

School provision for two-year-olds helps continue the expansion of free early education places for this...


New Ofsted Inspection Framework: Part 4 - How to achieve strong, responsive leadership

In the concluding part of her series, Lena Engel examines what it takes to be an effective manager and...


Ambassadors for careers with children & young people - Time to talk it up

An 'ambassador' scheme aims to promote the sector and help employers attract bright employees.


My Best course - taking a fresh look at responsibilities

Nursery manager Angela Moore talks about a CPD session that sharpened her focus on child well-being....

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    20 April 2014

    We've travelled far and seen even more on the Nursery World early years tour of China.

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    17 April 2014

    We took a step back in time flying from Beijing to Xi'an, an ancient city that has thick, 600-year-old walls that we cycled round.