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Childminder details published in breach of privacy by HMRC

Private details of a number of childminders, including home addresses, have been published in error on HMRC’s Childcare Service website.


Cuts could leave Enfield with just one children's centre

The London Borough could be left with 'a single family hub', if council plans go ahead.


Robert Goodwill named the new childcare minister

The new minister in the Department for Education is taking on responsibility for early years and childcare.


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OECD in 'schoolification' warning

Primary schools need to do more to be ready for children, rather than the other way round, says a new report from the OECD that examines the transition from early years to primary education.


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EYFS Best Practice in Schools - No pressure!

Rather than obsess over whether activities are free-flow, child-led and so on, teachers should consider if...


EYFS Best Practice in Schools - Tense times

The approach to teaching literacy and maths in Reception is a key concern of teachers and EYFS leaders, explains...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Tech wizards

Information and communication technology, when used correctly, can help teach high-level skills in the classroom,...


EYFS Best Practice - Learning from Froebel… Intrinsic motivation

In the final part of this series, Professor Tina Bruce and Jane Dyke explore Froebel’s ideas about encouraging...


EYFS Activities - Five things to do with… favourite stories

Children’s favourite books can be used to encourage imaginative play outdoors, finds Julie Mountain


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Latest Management


30 Hours, Part 8: Newham - Full to bursting

How are settings in the pilot area of Newham in London coping with the 30 hours entitlement? Charlotte...


Market Round-Up - Property forecast

Mark Traynor of HRC law finds that the general election has had little impact so far on the rate of acquisitions...


Inspection: Part 10 – Key Legislation - Rights of entry

Former inspector Debbie Alcock examines the legal powers underpinning an inspector’s legal right to enter...


Children’s Services Update - Harm’s effects

One of the last pre-election moves was for the Children and Social Work Bill to become law. We are still...

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  • Is adult furniture child's play?

    14 October 2015

    In parts of Finland, staff working in state-funded nursery settings have been told they must use adult-sized furniture. According to one manager, working in an EYFS nursery in Helsinki, the reason...

  • Sunshine and Skolverket in Stockholm

    05 November 2014

    The final part of the Nursery World early years trip to Finland and Sweden was spent in the lovely city of Stockholm.