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Spotlight on...Elena McKay and Rachel Munroe-Peebles

Co-creators of Fount Nursery, part of the Westgate Street community in East London


Charity warns of dangers of cot bumpers

A charity concerned with sleep safety for babies is urging parents to remove cot bumpers as new evidence shows they pose a serious risk to infants.


Rates for 30-hour childcare revealed

Early years settings will receive an average of £4.88 to deliver the Government’s pledge of 30-hours of free childcare for three-and four-year-olds.


Spending Review: Chancellor reveals more details of 30-hour childcare

Parents will need to work 16 hours a week to be eligible for 30 hours of free childcare from 2017, the Chancellor has confirmed.


Design-a-bird competition winners

A rainbow-winged ‘shird’ - a cross between a sheep and a bird - drawing was among the winners of childcare insurer Morton Michel’s annual art competition - this year to design a bird.


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Enabling Environments: Enhanced Provision - Nature Watch

Being in the city doesn’t mean children can’t learn about the natural world. Marianne Sargent looks at one...


Home Learning - A parent’s guide to... drawing and painting

What are the benefits of children creating visual works? And how can you encourage them to do so? Penny Tassoni...


Learning & Development: Communication & Language - My Mistake

When learning a language, children often say things that don’t sound quite right. In the last article in this...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Family values

An inclusive programme is developing parents’ self-esteem and family relationships by looking at the importance...


Positive Relationships: Parents - To the rescue

Many families across the UK are struggling financially, and the situation may be about to get worse – but...


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Nursery Chains: League Tables - Top ranking

As well as the usual big-hitters, this year's table of the 25 largest nursery chains in the UK features...


Nursery Chains: Award Winners - Made to order

First Steps Children's Nursery Group, Nursery World's Chain of the Year 2015, has acquired woodland to...


Social Media - Planning for Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching. But this is no time to let your social media use slip, says expert...


My Best course - Patterns of behaviour

A course in schemas provided one childminder with some theory behind practical advice to help children...

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  • Is adult furniture child's play?

    14 October 2015

    In parts of Finland, staff working in state-funded nursery settings have been told they must use adult-sized furniture. According to one manager, working in an EYFS nursery in Helsinki, the reason...

  • Sunshine and Skolverket in Stockholm

    05 November 2014

    The final part of the Nursery World early years trip to Finland and Sweden was spent in the lovely city of Stockholm.