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Children's charity calls for a 'ban on baby rooms' in nurseries

According to What about the Children (WATCh), the current room structure of most nurseries hinders the development of under-threes.


Government publishes childminder agency advice

The Department for Education has published a step-by-step guide to childminder agencies.


Charity urges schools to open for longer to support working parents

4Children has called for schools to stay open after lessons to help working parents.


Families face out-of-school childcare shortage

More than six in ten parents have had to change their working arrangements once their children start school, according to a new survey.


London's children 'penalised' under early years pupil premium

The capital's most disadvantaged children will lose out under plans for the new early years pupil premium, new analysis has warned.


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Positive Relationships: Home learning - One to one

Parents play a crucial role in helping children learn to communicate - but there is not a one-size-fits-all...


Home learning - Activities: Talking out and about

Going out of the home can really help boost your child's language. New experiences provide opportunities...


Learning & Development: Steiner Waldorf - Winning laurels

Laurel Farm Kindergarten makes the most of its rural setting for children to learn life skills and enrich...


A Unique Child: Well-being - All very well

A research project looking at well-being in the early years has underlined some important factors to consider...


Enabling Environments: Let's explore... breakfast.

The most important meal of the day can offer inspiration when looking at subjects like world cultures and...


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Latest Management


Recruitment: Part 4 - Picking the right candidate

In the final part of her series, early years expert Laura Henry looks at how to conclude the recruitment...


Play therapy - Teaching parents how to play

Filial therapy - child-centred play led by a parent at home - is soon to get its own 'hub' at one UK...


HR Update - Staff time means money

The increase to the national minimum wage could catch some nurseries out once all working time is included,...


Business Development - Global village

A forest school that mixes Reggio and Montessori approaches will receive 45 visitors from settings across...

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  • The baby bombers

    17 July 2014

    ‘Early childhood education and care = a panacea in a world of social crises’ was a key theme of a lecture given earlier this week by Mathias Urban, professor of early childhood at the University of Roehampton....

  • Lost and found

    05 June 2014

    Nursery nurse Jennifer Jakeman, from Birmingham, wrote to Nursery World looking for a pattern for babies’ crocheted shoes, which was printed in the magazine in December 1975.