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Free books for Scottish children named

The Scottish Book Trust has announced the books that will be distributed to children under its early years book-gifting programme for 2014.


More childminders training in Montessori practice

A pilot introductory course for childminders conducted by Montessori Centre International is expanding.


Bright Horizons opens 30th Bright Space for vulnerable children

Bright Horizons Foundation for Children celebrated the opening of its 30th Bright Space in Europe this week.


Risk of school starting age at two, report warns

Some primary schools’ practice of giving priority places to children who have attended their nurseries, means that children are effectively starting school at two, the children’s commissioner has warned....


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A Unique Child: Dental Health - Smile!

Spread the word next month about the importance of good oral health and hygiene


Enabling Environments: Outdoors - Character building

In the first of a four-part series on planning your outdoor area,Julie Mountain introduces the '7Cs' approach...


Learning & Development: Communication - Manor Park talks

A children's centre in London has been working with its families,the local community and other providers to...


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Drink up!

How can we make sure children are getting enough fluids - and what exactly should they be drinking? June Graham...


A Unique Child: Child Development - Being 'me'

Self-awareness is not something we are born with, but an understanding that grows over time. Crucially, says...


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Business Development - An outstanding operation

Strong leadership and support for staff have been key for one 'outstanding' nursery.


HR Update - Time to tighten up on absence

How can nurseries make sure they don't lose out as the Government phases out compensation to employers...


Early Years Teacher: Standard 7 - Sharpen your focus on children's welfare

Karen Hart investigates Standard 7 in detail, considering the ways in which Early Years Teachers should...


Early Years Teacher Status Diary – GPP Assessments are complete!

Chichister University’s Nikki Fairchild reports on how existing students are progressing and on how the...

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  • Terracotta Warriors

    17 April 2014

    We took a step back in time flying from Beijing to Xi'an, an ancient city that has thick, 600-year-old walls that we cycled round.

  • Tiananmen Square to Baby Art

    14 April 2014

    The Nursery World early years tour to China continues to provide a never-ending stream of astonishing experiences for our group of 19.