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Family-owned nursery group opens third setting

A husband and wife team have opened their third nursery in a Grade II listed building in Leeds.


Ofsted drops brought-forward complaints inspections

Ofsted has confirmed that it will no longer bring forward full inspections when a complaint is made against a provider.


Apprenticeships get year's reprieve on GCSE entry requirement

A one-year stay of execution has been granted over maths and English GCSEs for apprentices.


Prime Minister says grandparent carers get a 'raw deal'

The Prime Minister has suggested that grandparents who care for their grandchildren could be given the same rights as adoptive parents.


Nursery brings in new manager after child Calpol overdose

A nursery judged inadequate by Ofsted after a child was given an overdose of Calpol has employed a new manager to turn it around.


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Working Mum: Club rules

Lack of suitable out-of-school provision presents difficulties for parents forced to juggle responsibilities,...


Enabling Environments: Post-walking skills - On the hop

Hopping and skipping are challenging skills to master. Here, Dr Lala Manners looks at how they emerge and...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Follow the leader

The outdoors offers opportunities to get creative with role play. Nicole Weinstein suggests how practitioners...


Learning & Development: Block Play - Grand designs

Requiring only simple materials, block play nevertheless gives children the power to bring imaginary worlds...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - In reverse

Children with and without disabilities are learning how to socialise together in a SEND centre welcoming...


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Business Development - Global village

A forest school that mixes Reggio and Montessori approaches will receive 45 visitors from settings across...


HR Update - Staff time means money

The increase to the national minimum wage could catch some nurseries out once all working time is included,...


My working life ... Playgroup manager

Gabriella Jozwiak hears about running a setting that is dismantled each day.


Recruitment: Part 3 - How to interview

In the third of a four-part recruitment series, Laura Henry offers guidance on taking an applicant through...

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  • The baby bombers

    17 July 2014

    ‘Early childhood education and care = a panacea in a world of social crises’ was a key theme of a lecture given earlier this week by Mathias Urban, professor of early childhood at the University of Roehampton....

  • Lost and found

    05 June 2014

    Nursery nurse Jennifer Jakeman, from Birmingham, wrote to Nursery World looking for a pattern for babies’ crocheted shoes, which was printed in the magazine in December 1975.