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Holiday childcare costs rise by 51 per cent since 2010

The price of holiday childcare has more than doubled since 2010, according to an analysis by Labour.


Families fight children's centre closures

Children’s centre leaders and campaigners in Sutton Coldfield say they are worried that services for vulnerable families are at risk.


Time spent in early years settings leads to better-paid jobs

New evidence on the potential value for money of early education and childcare (ECEC) to the individual and society has emerged.


SEED: Report reveals benefits of ECEC at age three

Nursery World sums up the key findings of the latest research from the Study of Early Education and Development.


Analysis: 30 hours pilot study predicts success but flags up 'risks'

Following the publication of the evaluation of the 30-hour pilots, we take an in-depth look at the findings.


Find out about new business opportunities and notifications in early years and childcare


Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Positive Relationships: Working With Parents - Day by day

Parents and Children Together (PACT), a new parent-delivered teaching programme, has led to gains in children’s...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Bake off!

Cooking with children is a great way to educate them about the science of food, finds Nicole Weinstein in...


EYFS Activities - Five things to do with… crates

Provide plenty of crates and they can be used in a variety of creative ways. By Julie Mountain


EYFS Activities - We’ve explored… rain

Children at one setting have been finding out about the water cycle, including rain. By Annette Rawstrone...


EYFS Activities: Essential experiences… washing

Emotional development and independence are just some of the benefits of washing activities for children, explains...


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Latest Management


30 Hours, Part 9: Tower Hamlets - Reaching out

Tower Hamlets, which has extremely high levels of deprivation, has one of the highest Government hourly...


Inspection: Part 11 – Before the Visit - Be prepared

Settings should carry out a number of tasks before an inspection, explains former inspector Debbie Alcock,...


Joined-up thinking

For the past four years, Sandra Campbell has headed up a federation of two London nursery schools and...


Market Round-Up - Property forecast

June was busy for Busy Bees, as Mark Traynor discovers

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  • Is adult furniture child's play?

    14 October 2015

    In parts of Finland, staff working in state-funded nursery settings have been told they must use adult-sized furniture. According to one manager, working in an EYFS nursery in Helsinki, the reason...

  • Sunshine and Skolverket in Stockholm

    05 November 2014

    The final part of the Nursery World early years trip to Finland and Sweden was spent in the lovely city of Stockholm.