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Childcare policy - Step right up: the childcare auction

Policy tensions and political motives create barriers to improving childcare, says Chris Barnham.


Gyimah takes on childcare in new DfE line-up

The reshuffle at the Department for Education (DfE) saw the departure of education and childcare minister Elizabeth Truss, promoted to environment secretary, and education secretary Michael Gove replaced...


Half of pilot childminder agencies will not set up shop

An investigation into the pilot childminder agencies by Nursery World has revealed that half of the 20 organisations that trialled models will not be going ahead with their agency in September.


Nursery closed in response to 'safeguarding' investigation

Active Learning nursery in Kingston is closed while police and Ofsted carry out an investigation into ‘safeguarding concerns’ linked to the nursery.


Low-income, shift worker parents forced to use low quality nurseries

Parents on low-incomes or working ‘unstable’ hours are forced to use poorer quality settings, a charity warns.


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All about ... UW part 2: The World

Has the slimlined Understanding the World impacted on teaching and learning? And what can we do to ensure...


A Unique Child: Child Development - Well and good

Research suggests that propensities to be moral, generous and helpful are 'online' surprisingly early in...


Learning and Development: Baking - Flour power

A Reggio Emilia-inspired nursery has been exploring the ingredients and processes involved in baking - and...


Enabling Environments: Post-walking physical skills - Run for it!

Walking and running are both challenging locomotor skills for children to master. But the right approach...


Family Health: Dear Parent

In a letter to all parents of young children, Dr Raj Thakkar offers some guidance on both common and more...


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Latest Management


Adult numeracy & literacy - Skilling up

How nursery managers can address the problem of low-level adult literacy and numeracy.


Recruitment: Part 3 - How to interview

In the third of a four-part recruitment series, Laura Henry offers guidance on taking an applicant through...


Training: Courses of action

The current crop of training programmes covers a broad range of topics related to health. Hannah Crown...


Integrated Working: Hand in hand

New initiatives are bringing together expertise from the health service, early years sector and care...

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  • The baby bombers

    17 July 2014

    ‘Early childhood education and care = a panacea in a world of social crises’ was a key theme of a lecture given earlier this week by Mathias Urban, professor of early childhood at the University of Roehampton....

  • Lost and found

    05 June 2014

    Nursery nurse Jennifer Jakeman, from Birmingham, wrote to Nursery World looking for a pattern for babies’ crocheted shoes, which was printed in the magazine in December 1975.