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David Cameron to swap politics for the early years

The Prime Minister has revealed plans to start training as an Early Years Teacher after stepping down as leader of the Conservatives in 2020.


Parents routinely underestimate their child's weight

Parents of obese children do not usually recognise their children’s condition, a new study has found.


UK first to give all babies free meningitis B vaccine

All babies in the UK will receive a vaccine against meningitis B, now the Government has struck a deal with drug manufacturers.


Applications open for childcare social investment fund

More details of how early years providers can apply for grants of up to £50,000 in social investment funding have been released.


End in sight for no-notice nursery inspections

In future early years settings will receive a half-day's notice ahead of their routine inspection, Nursery World can exclusively reveal.


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Latest Early Years & Nursery Practice


Enabling Environments Collections: Sense of place

Use first-hand experiences and location resources for learning about environments, says Nicole Weinstein....


Positive Relationships: Home learning - A parent's guide to ... speech

How does a child move from babbling to mastering the sounds and sequences of a language? Penny Tassoni explains...


Learning & Development: Assessment - Quality time

The SSTEW scale has been developed to assess the quality of early childhood education and care. Denise Kingston...


Learning & Development: Theatre - Going live

Theatrical performances can set the scene for dramatic expression, language learning and improved concentration....


EYFS Best Practice: An essential guide to ... spending the EYPP

When the Early Years Pupil Premium comes in this April, it will be up to providers how they channel the funding....


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Latest Management


Nursery Management: Childminding - Strength in numbers

Budget cuts that have affected almost every area of childcare and early years have fallen particularly...


Nursery Management: Allegations - Be prepared

What happens if a serious allegation of wrongdoing is made against a member of a nursery's staff? Charlotte...


Nursery Management: Property - Ready cash

Sale-and-leaseback schemes offer a chance for both new and established providers to release capital....


Nursery Management: Qualifications - Recruitment quagmire

An awarding body, training providers, colleges and nursery owners are united in their opinion that new...

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