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Legislation and regulation of the nursery, childcare & early years education sector, including Nursery World's tracker of current consultations and legislation in progress as well as policy guides to the most important laws affecting the sector.

Childcare Legislation News


Funding formula online calculator launched

A confusion-busting online calculator is helping settings work out what rates they may be getting when the new early years national funding formula is rolled out.


Apprenticeship funding: small groups to pay 10 per cent upfront

Smaller settings wishing to employ apprentices will have to pay just 10 per cent of the costs of training them, the Government has announced today.


Cameron's life chances made a cross-party priority

Transforming children’s life chances was a heated topic for debate by a panel of MPs on the same day David Cameron handed the baton of his flagship policy to Theresa May.


How will early years be affected by Brexit?

Brexit will undoubtedly have an impact in some form on early years, according to commentators.


GCSE requirements to be reviewed

Sam Gyimah has promised a review of the GCSE requirements at Level 3.

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Policy Guides

Policy Guide: The Childcare Act 2016

At just eight clauses long, the Childcare Act is the law which brings the 30 hours into force.

Policy Guide: Children and Families Act 2014

A guide to the 241-page Children and Families Act, which became law on 13 March 2014.

Policy guide: Children Act 1989 Amended 2004

The main points summarised by Mary Evans

Policy Guide: Disciplinary Warnings

Jacqui Mann advises that it could be time to review your disciplinary procedures in light of changes...

Policy guide: Employing overseas workers

What you need to know about employing migrant workers, by Jacqui Mann

Policy guide: 'More great childcare'

The what, when and how guide to the Government's childcare reform proposals

Policy Guide: Working beyond 65

Jacqui Mann outlines changes to the law when it comes to staff retirement