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Legislation and regulation of the nursery, childcare & early years education sector, including Nursery World's tracker of current consultations and legislation in progress as well as policy guides to the most important laws affecting the sector.

Childcare Legislation News


Ofsted Early Years Annual Report: Quality up, but too few twos in schools

Schools need to do more to attract the poorest children to take up two-year-old places and to work with early years providers in their area, Sir Michael Wilshaw has said.


Tax-Free Childcare delayed until 2017

Tax-free childcare (TFC) has been delayed until early 2017, following a legal challenge from the childcare voucher provider companies.


Children's centre groups make progress in latest inspections

More children's centre groups are being judged good or outstanding according to new Ofsted statistics, but nearly half are still below this level.


Lords criticise lack of detail in Childcare Bill

Peers have accused the Government of rushing through its 30-hour free childcare pledge during the second reading of the Childcare Bill.


New common inspection framework emphasises curriculum

Assessment, curriculum and children’s outcomes are headline themes of the new common inspection framework (CIF) published yesterday.

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Policy Guides

Policy Guide: Children and Families Act 2014

A guide to the 241-page Children and Families Act, which became law on 13 March 2014.

Policy guide: Children Act 1989 Amended 2004

The main points summarised by Mary Evans

Policy Guide: Disciplinary Warnings

Jacqui Mann advises that it could be time to review your disciplinary procedures in light of changes...

Policy guide: Changes to Ofsted inspections

What you need to know about the new inspection framework for early years

Policy guide: Employing overseas workers

What you need to know about employing migrant workers, by Jacqui Mann

Policy guide: 'More great childcare'

The what, when and how guide to the Government's childcare reform proposals

Policy Guide: Working beyond 65

Jacqui Mann outlines changes to the law when it comes to staff retirement