Spotlight on ... Angela Euesden

Name: Angela Euesden Position: Assistant head of EYFS at Aldersbrook Primary School in Wanstead, London.

How did it feel to receive the first ever Montessori Practitioner of the Year award at the Montessori Schools Association Conference?

I was in complete shock. I wasn't prepared in the slightest and all I could think was, 'Oh my God I've got to say something now!' The award is beautiful; it's like having my own Oscar.

How did you introduce Montessori to your school?

I trained in Montessori and when I started teaching in state primary schools I couldn't stop using the methods. Because I was modelling it the staff started commenting on how calm the children were and how much they were learning.

Barbara Isaacs (academic director of Montessori Centre International) agreed to help train up the staff.

How do you want to see the Montessori approach develop at Aldersbrook?

I want to see it embedded in this school so when I step away it is still there. The children are doing really well and everyone loves it, so I think that will happen.

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