Sharing Rhymes – A Bouncing We Will Go

By Penny Tassoni
Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sharing Rhymes

A bouncing we will go,

A bouncing we will go,

Hi-ho the derry-o,

A bouncing we will go.

A rocking we will go…

A tickling we will go…

Why baby rhymes matter

Baby rhymes are essential for early development because they:

  • help to strengthen the bonds between adults and babies
  • develop early communication skills
  • help babies tune into the sounds of the language used
  • encourage physical development

Tips for sharing baby rhymes

  • Before sharing the rhyme, check how tired the baby might be feeling and match the rhyme to the baby’s level of tiredness
  • Cuddle, smile and make eye contact while sharing rhymes
  • Don’t rush rhymes. Say the words slowly.
  • After introducing a new rhyme, be sure to repeat it frequently
  • Share rhymes and any actions with parents and carers

Suggestions for sharing this rhyme

  • Before sharing the rhyme, make sure that the baby is alert and happy
  • Bring the baby onto your lap
  • Gently bounce the baby in time to the words
  • Repeat the rhyme, changing the actions to match those in the rhyme
  • This rhyme can be sung to the tune of ‘The Farmer’s in his den’.
  • The rhyme refers to ‘derry’. This is a meaningless word used in various popular songs and rhymes.
  • Some versions of this rhyme include other actions such as ‘The arms go up and down’ and ‘The legs go back and forth’.

Ideas for extending the learning

  • Repeat this rhyme a couple of times a day
  • Emphasise the action words each time
  • Slow down the rhyme to see if the baby can anticipate the movements
  • Introduce or revisit other action rhymes, such as ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall’ and ‘Round and round the garden’
  • Share baby books that incorporate fun actions. Well-known favourites include All Fall Down, Clap Hands and Tickle, Tickleby Helen Oxenbury
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