Sharing Rhymes – 1 Bubble, 2 Bubbles

By Penny Tassoni
Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Sharing Rhymes

1 bubble, 2 bubbles, 3 bubbles, top.

4 bubbles, 5 bubbles, 6 bubbles, hop.

7 bubbles, 8 bubbles, 9 bubbles, pop.

10 bubbles float down, time to stop.

Why number rhymes matter

Number rhymes can help children’s mathematical learning in many ways. They:

  • expose children to the ‘sounds’ of number
  • encourage children’s interest in number
  • help children with early counting
  • develop children’s awareness of subtraction
  • help children to hear number patterns

Tips for sharing number rhymes

  • Say rhymes slowly so that children can hear the words clearly
  • Where possible, include props so that children can make sense of the counting
  • Repeat rhymes several times so that children become familiar with them
  • Look out for rhymes that count down as well as count up
  • Make up some number rhymes of your own – for example, ‘There were four little children sitting on the ground’

Suggestions for sharing this rhyme

  • Have some bubble solution and wand at the ready and blow a few bubbles before starting the rhyme
  • Explain that this is a rhyme about bubbles
  • Use gestures to the emphasise the rhymes – ‘top’, ‘hop’, ‘pop’ and ‘stop’
  • Repeat the rhyme several times and encourage the children to join in

Ideas for extending the learning

  • Make some bubble mixture with children using washing-up liquid and water
  • Blow large bubbles by dipping the wide end of a funnel in the mixture
  • Choose a bubble and count how long it takes to burst
  • Roll a dice and ‘pop’ the number of bubbles shown on the dice
  • Have a go at bubble painting. To do this, put a small amount of washing-up liquid or bubble mixture, paint and water into a container. Using a straw, blow into the mixture to create lots of bubbles, then gently place a piece of paper on to the bubbles, so they burst and leave an imprint. Repeat using different colours of paint to build up your picture.

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