NW Equipment & Resources Awards 2019: Furniture

One silver medal was awarded.

Reading Pod

Company: Cosy Direct

Price: £169 Age: 3-plus

Website: www.cosydirect.com


A ‘beautifully presented’ wicker pod which held ‘immediate appeal’ for the children, according to one of our testers. It is an ideal space to have some personal time, read a book or reflect. There is enough for two to three children to sit comfortably and the soft cushion base ensures a comfortable and calming environment in which they feel safe.

It is also a very versatile space and in one setting it was transformed into a fairy hideaway, a princess tower and the control room of a space station.

It covers many areas of the curriculum, encouraging children's language and using their imagination as well as being a quiet space to sit with a friend supporting their social and emotional needs.

‘A lovely quiet space with enough room for three children to sit comfortably together. As they chatted in privacy, they developed personal, social and emotional skills’

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