General Election 2019: Who gets your vote?

Monday, December 2, 2019

So, have you decided yet? With just ten days to go until the big day, we want to know who you will be voting for this time.

We’re putting together our election special for the next issue of Nursery World and would love to hear from our readers about who gets your vote and why.

Will you be voting the same way you always do, or have you been swayed by any of the party’s manifestos or TV debates to change your mind?

Will you be voting tactically, by lending your vote to a party you wouldn’t usually vote for?

Or do you feel ‘politically homeless’, and are still undecided?

If you would like to contribute please email your comments to by 2pm on Tuesday 3 December, with your name and a photo, and we will publish a selection of views in the magazine and on our website.

And you can also take part in our 24-hour poll @NurseryWorld on Twitter here

Many thanks in advance for contributing.



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