How to reach occupancy in 5 simple steps

Monday, July 3, 2023

SPONSORED CONTENT Online management expert LineLeader provides a guide to boosting your occupancy and strengthening your relationships with customers in the current business climate.

LineLeader can help nurseries understand which active marketing campaigns are producing family registrations.
LineLeader can help nurseries understand which active marketing campaigns are producing family registrations.

You’re constantly being pulled in multiple directions. And your daily to-do list is getting longer, not shorter. So, how can you possibly spend more time trying to increase family registrations?

The truth is – you can’t. You’re busy enough as it is.

That’s why we’ve compiled our top 5 recommendations to help you increase occupancy while saving valuable time. Let’s dive into these expert tips.

1) Capture leads from anywhere and organise them in one place
Enquiries can come from a wide variety of sources – including Facebook, your website, phone calls, emails, and childcare listing directories.

Make sure you have an easy way to capture and organise all these enquiries – without having to switch back and forth between multiple tabs.

The right lead management tool will allow you to integrate your email, phone, Facebook page, website, and childcare listing directories with your CRM (customer relationship management) to automatically capture leads in one place, helping you and your staff save time while ensuring no families fall through the cracks.

2) Let families schedule viewings from your website
Don't let missed phone calls and delayed follow-ups be the reason you lose a potential family to another nursery.

Instead, consider adding an online tour scheduler to your website. This way, parents can choose from available time slots, book a viewing that fits their schedule, and receive automated confirmations and reminders. Parents or guardians can choose a time that’s convenient and you’ll know exactly when families are viewing your centre.

3) Follow up with families fast
The likelihood of gaining a high-quality lead significantly drops 21 times if you respond to parents in 30 minutes, compared to 5 minutes.

Stop missing out on potential revenue and say goodbye to manual communication tasks – with childcare software that automatically sends emails and texts on your behalf. Not only will you and your staff save valuable time, but you'll also be able to engage parents until their start date (without lifting a finger).

4) Use parents’ preferred form of communication
60 per cent of today’s parents prefer to communicate with businesses through text messaging. They see text messaging as less invasive than phone calls and more personal than other forms of communication, such as email.

Text messages are a great way to remind families about viewings, registration paperwork, and more. In a recent survey, over 50 per cent of Millennials said they prefer to receive appointment reminders through their mobile device.

5) Use reporting to monitor what’s working and what’s not
It’s tough to identify which marketing efforts are working and which are just costing you money – without access to the right reports.

With a CRM, built-in marketing reports help you understand which active marketing campaigns are producing family registrations, how parents are learning about your nurseries, predict revenue based on active leads in your registration funnel, and much more.

Reach full occupancy with LineLeader by ChildcareCRM
In today’s digital world, managing family registration information, leads, and communications with paper and spreadsheets won’t cut it.

LineLeader can help you organise, manage, and automate messages to potential families.

Learn more about the #1 CRM for childcare or schedule a demo to see it in action for yourself.


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